Thursday, February 4, 2016

Natural Ways to Beat Afternoon Tiredness Without the Side Effects

Natural Ways to Beat Afternoon Tiredness Without the Side Effects
Nothing’s worse than mental fog and fatigue but we all seem to battle it. You know the feeling that shows up every day, mid afternoon? If you reach for a coffee or soda, you’re only going to make it worse. The sugar and caffeine will help momentarily but keep the fatigue showing up for days, months and years to come, as they burn out your adrenals.

Don’t want to burn out your adrenals? Great. Here are some natural ways to beat afternoon tiredness, without the side effects.

Oxygen to the brain
Find a quiet place in your home or workplace that's free from distraction, but not your bed.  Turn on some relaxing music, read or just sit in the stillness. Take one, then two, then ten deep breaths.   This is your opportunity to oxygenate your blood cells and brain, for better functioning and increased energy!

Change it up
Sometimes doing the same repetitious actions make us tired. So change it up. Take a break to move your body, read a book, listen to music, and just live a little. What are the hobbies that make you come alive? How can you incorporate those things into those more sluggish hours?

Get Active
If you can go for a run or stop by the gym first thing in the morning, great!  If not, make a plan to implement a small routine into your morning so you at least set a pattern and habit to care for your mind and body which will in turn, not only set up your day with energy but also the rest of your life.

Take an energy shower
Turn up the heat and let your muscles both relax and rejuvenate! Add menthol crystals to the shower steam as well to further awaken and even reap the health benefits!  Menthol crystals open up your bronchial passage ways, allowing you do breathe deeper  and get more oxygen to your brain. More oxygen to the brain means more clarity and mental peace.  These crystals will add a great vibrancy to your day!

Fuel your body
Take time to eat a balanced meal, you are giving your body the fuel it needs for everything else and remember to drink plenty of water. Chinese medicine states that the morning meal is the fuel your body pulls from most, the rest of the day so be sure to get preventative and eat well at the start of the day.
Your health is our goal at Eurospa.  Let us know how we can make life better for you.

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