Monday, June 30, 2014

Don't Be the Bug's Dinner! Here are the Best Tips to Avoid Bug Bites This Summer

Don't Be the Bug's Dinner! Here are the Best Tips to Avoid Bug Bites This SummerNobody likes to be a bug's dinner.  We all love summer time, but adults and kids alike, can't stand the impending doom of being covered in little, itchy, menacing bumps.  The good news, is that it's totally possible to enjoy a summer vacation, camping at the lake or a day at the river, without the undesirable bug attack. We are going to tell you the best tips to avoid bug bites this summer on the inside and out. 

Mosquitoes find their victims by smell. More specifically, their sensory organs are trained to hone in on sources of carbon dioxide and lactic acid because these chemicals lead them to warm-blooded animals, like you and me. 
What's great is that we can defend our bodies on both the inside and outside by looking at what attracts mosquitos and other bugs to some people more than others.

Everyone has a distinctive, fingerprint sort of smell to our bodies. Of the 400 aromatic compounds making up the human scent, 30 seem to have a masking effect. If any of those compounds are prominent in your particular body, you will naturally be less noticeable to mosquitos.  On the flip side, there are other compounds that work to attract the bugs to your scent... like a magnet. Ten percent of the population are mosquito magnets.  

How about we change the odds by changing the dominant aromatic compounds? 

First, let's think preventative. If you have the option to avoid exerting yourself, you'll attract less bugs. This is hard, considering it's summer.  But the truth is, when you exercise, you give off more lactic acid and carbon dioxide, which is pretty much happy hour for mosquitos.  If you want to exercise, try swimming, or taking a dip frequently to rinse off what you're putting out. 

Foods to eat?

Start with garlic. Garlic offers a mild amount of protection through both the odor on your breathe as well as from through the sulfur compounds emitted from your skin. 

Pass on the salt and potassium, as they increase the amount of lactic acid, which as mentioned above, attracts the bugs.  Skip the sugary fruits- especially bananas - and go for cucumber, apples, watermelon, blueberries or green peppers. This way, you aren't missing out of fruit!

How to defend from the outside?

Essential oils are always our favorite natural remedies.  

1. Citronella - found in many candles and natural bug repelling sprays 
2. Marigold // Calendula - great as a lotion or found in candles
3. Lavender - amazing multi purpose oil.. this one you should have regardless at all times. It's anti-microbial and a natural bug repellent.  Just dab it on major body points to keep those blood suckers away.
4. Peppermint - similar to lavender, this one is multi purpose.  Keep it around to soothe upset tummies, headaches, to repel bugs and even to treat the bite if they DO get through!
5. Eucalyptus
Our favorite multi-functional remedy, naturally makes the list.  You can bring our eucalyptus oil shower mist along for the trip and spray both your body, your tent and the area around you to keep the bugs away.  They don't like the smell or taste of it at all, and you get the benefit of clearing your lungs out even more while breathing in the fresh mountain air!  

There are the tips!  Don't be the bug's dinner this year. Choose good foods and toxin-free natural remedies to keep those annoying bugs at bay!  Eurospa wants your summer to be a fun and bug free one!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Got Knee Pain? Get Relief and Healing From the Comfort of Your Home!

Got Knee Pain? Get Relief and Healing From the Comfort of Your Home!When that moment arrives where you realize your knee pain is limiting your mobility and strength, it can be really frustrating for both general movement and also fitness.
Knee pain is quite common these days, regardless of a person's age.  There are many contributing factors from diet, to lifestyle and trauma. For a few people knee pain may be so severe that they cannot perform their daily activities. Knees are the most vulnerable joint and does show signs of wear and tear. Knee pain is caused due to Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, muscle strains, tendinitis, serious injuries to cartilage and ligaments. If knee pain is ignored, there can be other problems which you need to face in future. You have a great opportunity to relieve yourself from knee pain through reflexology.Thankfully, acupressure and reflexology can bring some relief and even healing to this uncomfortable condition.  It's great if you choose to go see a practitioner, as you will get a more thorough and relaxing treatment. However, many of these points are also easily done by yourself and can offer relief and healing from the comfort of your own home. 
Here are some points you can try to get knee relief and healing! 

Got Knee Pain? Get Relief and Healing From the Comfort of Your Home!Knee Reflex Point:

Applying pressure to this point will help in strengthening your knee joint and heal any injuries in this area. You can find the point one inch below the ankle bone, it is located in a small and soft triangular section. Place your thumb on this point and move it up and down with some pressure. Make sure that you massage the points that feel sore and hard for 5 minutes. You will feel relaxed and pain free after regular use. 
Nourishing Valley: 

Got Knee Pain? Get Relief and Healing From the Comfort of Your Home!

This particular point will help alleviate knee pain, abdominal pain and even genital disorders. So, naturally, it's a great point to be familiar with! Place two fingers on the edge of you knee crease in the hollow between both the tendons. Now move your fingers up and down by applying a little bit of pressure for 5 to 7 minutes. You will notice that by doing this three times a day, you will be free from the tension around the knees.

Shady Side of the Mountain:

This magical reflex point is used to cure and treat a myriad of health conditions. By accessing this point one can find relief from water retention in the body, swelling, knee problems, leg tensions, cramps, varicose veins and edema. This point is found on the inside of the leg, just below the bulge on the head of the shin bone. Place your index and middle finger on this point and press it for 10 minutes. You can release it after every two minutes and hold it again for extra pressure.

Knees need to be treated with extra care. An additional thing you can do to enhance bring more relief to your discomfort, is to get our Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray and spray about 5-10 sprays into a large bowl filled with lukewarm water. Add half cup of Epsom salt and mix it well. Place two small hand towels in this mixture and soak them for 5 to 10 minutes. Now take the towels and remove excess fluid from it. Wrap each towel around your knees. Repeat the process until you find relief in your knees. This is a tried and true method of relief for many.  Simply try it out and see if it helps. All the above reflex points will ease your pain. Be patient and do them regularly for the best results. From all of us at Eurospa, take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If You Are Waking Up Exhausted, You Need These Energy Boosting Tips!

If You Are Waking Up Exhausted, You Need These Tips To Get You Energized!Do you ever feel like you wake up in the morning and just need to go back to bed.  Waking up is hard for many people, so if you have this challenge, you are not alone. But whether or not you are a morning person, you still need to be able to function.  So, with that in mind, let's make the most out of those morning blues with these 7 positive ways to create an energized and productive day! 

One, is this predictable urge to reach for sugar to boost our energy levels. However, that is NOT the solution. It may work temporarily at first, but will leave you crashing soon thereafter and in a worse energy depletion!  Instead, focus on having a balanced diet including protein rich foods like nuts and lean meats. Avoid large meals mid-day, especially those high in simple carbohydrates like pasta.  Instead, go for vegetables, proteins, fats like those in yogurt and fruit for a sweet tooth pick me up.

If You Are Waking Up Exhausted, You Need These Tips To Get You Energized!BE THE SUNSHINE 
The sun is going to rise regardless of what side of the bed you choose to wake up on.  And, yes I said "choose".  I know you might be tired (maybe go to bed earlier?) or dreading the day ahead but only you can decide how you feel about your day and whether your fears or frustrations will rule you. When you wake up - just smile. Even if you feel stupid and inauthentic, smile anyway and keep it there.  While (possibly staging) you grin, think of everything you love and are thankful for.  Life can be crazy but it doesn't mean YOU have to be.  So make a different choice.  You be the sunshine!  Sleep deprivation does funny things to our minds and bodies. 

Find a quiet place in your home (especially helpful for parents) that's free from distraction, but not in your bed.  Turn on some relaxing music, read or just sit in the stillness. Take one, then two, then ten deep breaths.   This is your opportunity to set your daily intention for a peaceful and productive day.   

The truth is, you're not at your best when you don't sleep well.  So, be kind to your body and lighten your work load as much as you can. Doing fewer things will allow you to bring more quality to your work without stressing you out.  Decide which tasks are *musts* and do those really well.  It's also wise to hold off on making big decisions until after you've gotten more rest. 

It's common knowledge that physical activity is important for both your mind and body, but it can be really difficult to find the time to fit it in to our busy schedules.  If you can go for a run or stop by the gym first thing in the morning, great!  If not, make a plan to implement a small routine into your morning so you at least set a pattern and habit to care for your mind and body which will in turn, not only set up your day with energy but also the rest of your life.

Inside and out is best! Make sure to drink a glass of water, as the hydration really does wake up your cells and start your day with a metabolic cleansing.  Then head to the shower.  Turn up the heat and let your muscles both relax and rejuvenate! Add menthol crystals to the shower steam as well to further awaken and even reap the health benefits!  Menthol crystals open up your bronchial passage ways, allowing you do breathe deeper  and get more oxygen to your brain. More oxygen to the brain means more clarity and mental peace.  These crystals will add a great vibrancy to your day!

Some people are morning eaters and some are not.  Meet with a nutritionist or do some research and try to hone in on what your particular body type is.  Some people are the hot tea and toast type and others are the full spread of fruit, bacon and eggs.  Whatever feels best and fuels you for the next couple of hours should be considered your energy spark for the day and committed to. When you take time to eat a balanced meal, you are giving your body the fuel it needs for everything else.   Chinese medicine states that the morning meal is the fuel your body pulls from most, the rest of the day. Only the oiled machine can truly perform!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's Camping Season! Ward off Bugs With These EASY Natural Remedies!!

It's Camping Season!  Ward off Bugs With These EASY Natural Remedies!!With summer comes camping. With camping come the bugs.  But don't let these tiny pests ruin your fun! There are many great ways to naturally repel them from biting or coming near, without the use of deet or other harmful chemicals! 
If you're ready to go camping and the great outdoors are calling... Be sure to ward off the bugs with these easy natural remedies!
1. Citronella
Citronella is known for being “the original” natural bug repellent, with memorable and powerful lemon-like scent. It’s used in many commercial bug repellents and candles. It can be a skin irritant, so you want to make sure you're only spraying it in rooms and doorways.
2. Marigold // Calendula
In addition to mosquitoes, marigolds, also known as calendula, repel garden pests, as well! One option is that you can plant your own and take advantage of the delicious edible flowers, adding color and flavor to salads or can be a gorgeous garnish when you want to dress up a dish. Another more concentrated option is to get an essential oil and apply it to your skin with a carrier oil to create a natural bug repellent. 
3. Lavender
Grow it around the house and garden to keep bugs away in general; they just don't like the smell.  The nice thing, is it’ll grow inside too, if you keep it next to a sunny window. Lavender has a lovely scent, pretty purple flowers and calming properties as well, so it’s a charming addition to your garden or home for several reasons! Lavender is also an affordable essential oil to simply bring along on your trip and place at a various spots on your body and even along your tent, to repel bugs from getting too close.
4. Peppermint 

Bugs that bite, just don’t like the scent of peppermint.  As a great bonus, IF you forget to use this plant as a repellent, peppermint oil, applied topically, can also provide itch relief if you do get bitten! 

5. Eucalyptus

Our favorite multi-functional remedy, naturally makes the list.  You can bring our eucalyptus oil shower mist along for the trip and spray both your body, your tent and the area around you to keep the bugs away.  They don't like the smell or taste of it at all, and you get the benefit of clearing your lungs out even more while breathing in the fresh mountain air!  

This season is sure to be a promising one.  There is a general feeling in the air that this summer is a summer of excitement, discovery and adventure. So live it up and take Eurospa with you!  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Getting HOT. Here are Some Fast and Easy Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer!

Summer is upon us and the heat is on!  How are you keeping cool?  If you are like many others at this time in the year, you are looking for some fast and easy ways to keep cool during those high temperatures.  
It's Getting HOT.  Here are Some Fast and Easy Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer!

Well, never fear, your body health and comfort are our priority at Eurospa, and we would like to take a moment to share with your our fast and easy tips for keeping cool this summer! 

  • Get a fan for your room. A fan on a low setting that can keep a light breeze blowing across your room can work wonders. If you don't like air blowing directly on you while you sleep, you can still make your room cooler by using a fan in your window to circulate fresh air.
  • Put a small pillow in the freezer an hour or two before you go to bed. Put a few plastic shopping bags over it to keep ice from forming on the fabric.
  • Hang up your bedding in the coolest part of the house during the day. As soon as you get up, take your bedding to the coolest room in the house (in the basement, or where there's the most shade) and hang up the blankets and sheets so that each side is exposed to the air. Take them down and put them back on your bed just before you go to sleep.
  • Drink a lot of water! The relief is almost immediate, and will last for up to one hour or more. Your body will also feel cooler when you are hydrated. If you can, try drinking eight ounces of water at least every hour. If the taste is a problem, try adding mint leaves, or orange, lemon or cucumber slices to your water to make it more refreshing.
  • Get a cheap spray bottle - fill it with water, adjust it to fine mist and spray it on your exposed skin for an instant chill-zing cooling effect.
  • Wear summer clothing. Wear loosely-woven natural fabrics (cotton, silk, linen) rather than polyester, rayon, or other artificial fibers (with the possible exception of performance fabrics).
  • Wear light colors. Darker colors will absorb the sun's heat and stay warmer longer than light or white clothing, which reflects light and heat. Wear natural summer clothing.
  • Use more eucalyptus and mint. These plants refresh the skin and leave a nice cooling sensation. Try a few minty or menthol products or our own eucalyptus oil shower mist to cool your skin.
  • Use cucumbers. You'd be surprised at how well this one works! Just slice a thin piece of cold cucumber (from the fridge or a cooler) and stick it in the middle of your forehead! This feels fantastic on a hot day or when stuck in a hot car and works almost immediately! An ice cube or a cold soda can work similarly, though the astringency of the cucumber is more refreshing for your eyelids.
Don't wither in the summer heat!  Try these great tips to cool off and enjoy the beauty of the season! For other health and wellness ideas and products, come visit us a Eurospa and let us know what we can do for you!

Happy summer!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

5 Ways To Defeat Seasonal Allergies and Feel Better Fast!

Allergies and hay fever seem to be at their peak this year and the world is feeling their misery!  There's a certain torture about the never ending sinus pressure, itchy eyes and relentless sneezing and leaving you with your arms in the air begging for relief.

Well put your arms down.  Relief is on it's way.  You're welcome to reach for the nearest OTC pills, but we'd like to suggest something a little healthier on the short and long term.  

The added bonus is how fast relief will come! 

Here are 5 ways to defeat seasonal allergies and feel better fast!

5 Ways To Defeat Seasonal Allergies and Feel Better Fast!You can heal yourself.  It's true.  The Chinese have been working with the body's immune system for thousands of years with unexplainable results!  There are many points all over the body that when pressure is applied to them, relief and healing is found.  (it's how the ninjas were treated after rigorous kung fu training!) For allergy relief, simply see the photo below and use your index or middle fingers of each hand to apply a firm pressure to each of the points marked.  Be sure the pressure is firm enough to create slight discomfort, but not enough to hurt. You will know you are on the right spot as it will be a little tender.  Stay on each point for about 30 seconds. Please drink a lot of water after performing this on yourself. You need to dilute the toxins that have been released! 

Old news rings true.  Water is our KEY SOURCE for ridding toxins and stagnant bacteria out of our bodies.  It's THE necessary ingredient to our kidneys and livers functioning well.  Guess what? It also thins your mucous.  Want to get that mucous flowing and the anti-histamine to calm down?  Drink water.  As stated above, it will also get things diluted and expelled faster! (Additional side note?  Dehydration is one of the biggest causes behind halitosis; bad breath! During allergy season (and daily life) bacteria accumulates in our sinus passages, mouths and stomach (from the mucous) and sits there.  You can't brush or rinse these guys away, but you can dilute and flush them.) So drink up.  

5 Ways To Defeat Seasonal Allergies and Feel Better Fast!Sorry, to bring it back to water, but it's a vehicle that moves things. When you need relief from seasonal allergies, get your blood moving.  When you exercise, you increase your circulation and begin to sweat.  Both blood and water carry the pollen and anti-histamine out of yours system faster.  Think of a stagnant river vs. a flowing river.  Which one's going to have more bugs, slime and bacteria? If it's so bad, stay indoors for your work out.  OR, get above it and hike on a mountain where it's less concentrated. Lastly, try going for a swim. It's great exercise and there's no pollen in the water! 

5 Ways To Defeat Seasonal Allergies and Feel Better Fast!A relaxing option is to breathe in the steam.  The steam will break up the mucous and relax the uptight muscles involved.  You can enhance this option by using the acupressure mentioned while in the heat.  Also, adding essential oils like our Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray to the steam WITH the acupressure IN the steam, will give you peak relief.  Try it!  We'd love to hear how it worked out for you!

Stay away from foods that dehydrate or add to histamine production.  Beverages with high caffeine, like coffee and black or alcoholic drinks are all dehydrating.  Beer is even worse as it's both dehydrating and the hops add to histamine production.  It's best to stay away from too many tree fruits, bananas, mushrooms, tomatoes and all breads and pastas.  I know that sounds difficult, but it won't be forever.  These foods carry their own histamine in them and will only make things worse.  Just think of it as a cleanse for a few days while you get your health and sanity back!

At Eurospa, your health is our priority.  We enjoy bringing the quality back to your life. Please stop by and let us know what else we can do to make your experience a better one! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Are You Overworked, Stressed, and About To Break Down? STOP. These Tips Are Just For YOU.

Are You Overworked, Stressed, and About To Break Down?  STOP.  These Tips Are Just For YOU.It's so hard to keep up with the demands of life! Families, jobs and other responsibilities pull us in every direction until one day, we just cave in.  We are not robots.  If we don't take care of our health with self care, we WILL BREAK DOWN. 

Self-care, while often neglected but absolutely necessary, can be any positive behavior or practice that helps us avoid triggering worse health problems (like the risk of heart problems due to high stress, for example) and betters our life quality by improving our mental and physical health through increased self-esteem, less stress, and overall well being. Implementing these simple tips can also help provide balance in our over-stimulating world. Self-care makes up an essential part of a healthy lifestyle that keeps us healthy, happy, and more in-tune with our minds and bodies.

Problem is, engaging in self care only occasionally isn't going to do the trick. We need to commit to regularity.  Of course, new patterns of change in our lives can be hard to commit to, as they can feel intimidating or maybe we have a fear of failing.  That's very common, which is why I've compiled these tips together for you. I chose them because they are easy to implement into our daily lives, allowing us to set new patterns. 

So take a few minutes for yourself (that's the first step, anyway!). Get out a pen and paper and write down the suggestions below that feel right to you; ones that you feel you can accomplish and will make you feel lighter, more free and generally good.  Cause that's what we all want, right?  To feel good?

Write a list of the things that make you smile, giggle and make your arms spread open in pure joy.  What are those things?  Can you think of 3?  How can you make those things happen each week or even each day?   For some, it's loud happy music and dancing around.  For others it's swimming or playing with a child.  Think on that one.  Life is best experienced when our hearts can smile. What gets yours going?

Ditching the comfort of your home gets us out in the world without obligation; cause walking from your front door to your car doesn't count.  Get outside, take a walk and BREATHE deeply.   Being outside alone is associated with less mental stress and increased quality of living.

While you're at it....  exercise outdoors.   We all know the benefits of exercise and even if you're feeling a little shy - there are plenty of ways to get your heart rate going and oxygen pouring into your lungs.  Find a friend to play tennis or go on a long walk with.  Find a more private park path or beach to stand strong and engage your core muscles.  Climb a tree.  Hike. Swim.  Run. Bike.  

Are You Overworked, Stressed, and About To Break Down?  STOP.  These Tips Are Just For YOU.
Get your eyes wide open. Look around and find 
happiness.  Find love.  Notice acts of kindness, encouraging words and heart felt smiles.  Watch the love between people and see the beauty in the flowers.  It can be hard to get past the sadness and hostility in the world, but when we focus on the beauty still present, we are more excited to share it.  Be part of a joy revolution - and start with yourself. 

Have you heard of those stories of people in line at Starbucks, waiting to pay, only to find out that the person ahead of them took the bill?  By helping others, we actually help ourselves, too. Lending a hand not only boosts mental health, but may also lead to a longer more fulfilled life. Volunteering also affects self-confidence, self-esteem, and general wellbeing in a positive way.

Yes, that was intentional.  Essential oils are getting more and more recognition for their healing properties and we are happy that it's happening. Breathe the right scents.  We have all been taught that deep breathing can help us relax. But what we breathe might be just as important as how we breathe. But current research suggests that citrus scents, orange essential oil in particular, can help slash stress and anxiety, and inhaling eucalyptus oil can invigorate the senses while also going deep inside our cells to purify and cleanse us from bacteria and toxins.

Get Sleep! So many things can sabotage our sleep, whether it’s a late night working, a reality show marathon, a wild party, or just normal life. The problem is, skimping on sleep can seriously hurt clarity and productivity, causing us to eat more, and may lead to adrenal and thyroid problems; which domino to diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Prioritize your rest to be a healthier, happier you — even if it’s just a power nap on your lunch hour!

It's time to upgrade your experience on the planet.  This is your chance to live more fully. Are you ready to reduce your stress and start to feel GOOD?  

We are.  Eurospa is committed to global self care, which is why we provide top quality eucalyptus products and menthol crystals for spa and home use.  Your health is our priority! 

How do you reduce the stress?  We'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Not Sure What to Do? Here are 6 Great Ways to Celebrate Dad's in Your Life This Father's Day!

Not Sure What to Do? Here are 6 Great Ways to Celebrate Dad's in Your Life This Father's Day!How often do you say 'thank you' to the dads in your life? Fathers are too often overlooked and not thanked for their hard work. Just as mothers, they too have a tough job to do and

deserve recognition.

It's safe to say that we all have an incredible dad in our life. Whether our own father, a step parent, one we've claimed later in life, an uncle, a grandfather or even the sons or son-in-laws that we are thankful for; for stepping up and leading the next generation. 

We want you to show you care, this year. And showing you care doesn't have to cost a lot.  

1. Watch home videos.

Choose a time during the day, perhaps after a nice dinner, when you and your mom can sit down with dad and watch the videos. Relive the beautiful memories and talk about all that happened during those times. You may cry or laugh and different memories, but at least the emotions are shared together.

2. Make a healthy gift box. 
Dads like to be pampered too. Encourage their health with a basket of goodies they will enjoy and think of you whenever they get something new out of it.  Consider a neck tension pillow for use after a long day at work, some eucalyptus oil shower mist to get refreshed and boost the immune system, a couple bars of quality dark chocolate, a CD of relaxing classical music, and even a gift certificate for massage.  This will be well received for sure. 

3. Make his favorite meal. 
Send your father on an errand to get him out of the house long enough for you or you and your mom to cook up his favorite meal. If his favorite meal happens to be a breakfast dish, wake up early and whip up the dish alongside Mom. Let the aroma of a delicious breakfast do the honors of waking him up. Either way, he is sure to be so tickled to have such an honor.

4. Buy him a gift card.
When you buy dad a gift card or gift certificate, make sure it is in something he would benefit from – car wash, sporting store or clothing store he actually shops at.  Don't overwhelm him with a card to a store he doesn't go to - unless you KNOW he will love it and you plan on joining him for the excursion.  

5. Attend an event or activity together. 
If your dad’s baseball team is playing on or around Father’s Day, surprise him with tickets.  Maybe your dad to be celebrated is one that prefers fishing, hiking or a day at the beach.  Whatever the case, make sure to plan a dinner before or after. You'll need to appease a built up appetite either way. Remember to take plenty pictures, too!

Not Sure What to Do? Here are 6 Great Ways to Celebrate Dad's in Your Life This Father's Day!6. Go to his favorite museum.
Get involved in what he enjoys there. If it's a history museum, ask about his favorite events.  If it's an art museum, as who his favorite artist or period is.  For Science, get involved with him; play the games, watch the films and experience it together. 

Dads are beyond deserving of some special attention for the love and care they have poured into their families.  Whether they're new at this or have been on the journey for over 50 years, be sure to take the time to celebrate them well!!

From all of us at Eurospa, here's to your health and a Happy Father's Day!