Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Look Younger, Feel Better and Increase Energy? 4 Magic Tips to Blow Your Mind!

Look Younger, Feel Better and Increase Energy?  4 Magic Tips to Blow Your Mind!
Are you looking to have incredible skin, feel amazing and have incredible
energy....without spending a fortune or turning to crazy chemicals? 

If your sick of the toxic options and expensive, risky options out there, we're happy to pass on some magic tips to transform your skin, energy and health - all within the comfort of your home... or close!

Eucalyptus Steam 
Eucalyptus Shower Spray is a great addition to any anti-aging routine.  Simply turn up the steam in the shower and spray the eucalyptus onto the walls and into the steam. This will allow the pores in the face to open and activate the anti-microbial cleansing properties of this healing plant. As well, inhaling the the steam will invite the herbal strength to cleanse your bronchial passages, allowing for a full body cleanse that will reflect in your skin.  Healthy skin, healthy body? Lucky you!

Lemon Water
On a more practical note, try starting your day with a hot cup of lemon water.  Simply make hot water as you would for tea, add the juice of 1/2 a lemon and sweeten with honey or stevia to taste if needed.  This cleanses your digestive system, detoxifies the skin and blood, jump starts your energy and metabolism and neutralizes your body ph to a more alkaline level.  Disease and instability of health thrive in an acidic body. The opposite of that is an alkaline body.  Be healthy. Start your day alkaline. (side note: remember how lemon water cleanses the digestive system? the kidneys are part of that.  You know those bags and dark circles under your eyes?  Those are from overwhelmed kidneys.)

Green Juice
Look Younger, Feel Better and Increase Energy?  4 Magic Tips to Blow Your Mind!There's a lot of hype about green juice these days and it's for good reason!  Greens, similar to lemon water, alkalize the water, making the body a fertile ground for beauty to grow.  Greens tone the skin and blood, adding multiple vitamins, minerals and nutrients like silica, collagen, elastin and vitamin k to your insides and outsides.  This results in eyes that are brighter, skin that is tighter and cheeks that have that natural rosy hue. Who doesn't want that? (don't be too afraid - there are PLENTY of delicious recipes online for incredibly tasting juice!)

Self care is surprisingly simple if you just know the tricks and get consistent. Eurospa knows the importance of quality self care, and that's why we chose to create our own line of quality products years ago. 

We specialize in Eucalyptus and Menthol based products for the home and spa. Please contact us today, and let us know how we can help YOUR self care routine! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Shocking Secret that Keeps you Healthy and Stress Free.... is Right Here!

The Shocking Secret that Keeps you Healthy and Stress Free.... is Right Here!Everyone wants feel good and be happy, but what if it's more in your control than you think? There are many things we can do to support our health naturally, but the shocking secret that keeps you healthy and stress free just might be right at the end of your nose. 


Let's talk about oxygen for a moment.

Oxygen shortage in the human body has been linked to every major illness category including heart conditions, cancer, digestion and elimination problems, respiratory disease, inflamed, swollen and aching joints, sinus problems, yeast infections and even sexual dysfunction.

Oxygen is our primary source of energy and is the main energy source for our brain function. It calms the mind and stabilizes the nervous system. Without oxygen we cannot absorb important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients our body needs. When our cells lack oxygen they weaken and die. Without oxygen, nothing works very well or at all.

What I'm coming to, is that the old practice of "taking 10 deep breaths" to calm down is totally valid.  The answer really is right under your nose. 

I'd like to challenge you to a very simple practice. Take a few times a day to stop, and let things go. Whatever's bothering you, has a solution. The stress and anxiety aren't part of that solution. And whatever the answer is, will come more clearly to you when you slow down, breathe deep and let what's heavy - go. 

Take it further. To really get that oxygen deep into the lungs, the blood cells, brain and vital organs:

  • exercise: raising your aerobic activity level forces the blood to distribute oxygen throughout the body quickly and efficiently 
  • sauna or steam room: the heat and moisture relax and allow the body to take in more oxygen and release toxins and stress. 
  • essential oils: use lavender and sandlewood to relax and calm down and oils such as rosemary or eucalyptus in the shower or sauna are great for enhancing oxygen absorption and detoxing and cleansing the body of toxins.

At Eurospa, we are dedicated to furthering your health and hope you feel uplifted by this post. Please check out the different products we offer to enhance your health and lifestyle!

Monday, February 16, 2015

3 Steps To More Hydrated Skin the Natural Way!

3 Steps To More Hydrated Skin the Natural Way!The change of weather can work a number on our skin, as we go from cold to warm and back again. Our glands have a hard time keeping up, so it's only fair to support them in the best ways we can. The kind of care that our skin needs is determined by the type of skin we have. There are four types of skin-normal, oily, dry and sensitive and each type of skin has its own complications. 

Having a dry skin means experiencing tightness due to lack of moisture and a need for a proper lubricant to rehydrate it. Many home remedies can help improve your dry flaky skin on face.

Here are 3 Steps To More Hydrated Skin the Natural Way!


Moisture forms a protective layer on the skin keeping it safe by keeping it hydrated. Oils that are easily absorbed by the skin, such as coconut, jojoba and almond, tend to be better at keeping the real moisture in, allowing the skin the best nourishment possible. Coconut oil makes the skin feel softer and removes its previous scaly characteristic by moistening it in a natural way. Coconut oil has sufficient amounts of fatty acid that make up for any loss of moisture from the skin. It works best when left on for an entire night. Apply proper amount before going to sleep and wash it off in the morning; do this every night.Over the counter creams work well in the beginning but only leave a surface layer of hydration.  

Winter is not a friend to dry skin. The heating in homes evaporate the water from the air, which makes the air very dry. Humidifiers come in useful at a time like this by adding moisture to the air, and thus benefiting your dry skin. Either humidify the whole room or get a portable humidifier. We definitely recommend adding a few sprays of our eucalyptus oil shower spray to the room to enhance the health and wellness benefits. Eucalyptus in the air will not only open up the bronchial passages for better respiratory health and to cleanse the skin!

An exfoliating scrub made by concocting lemon juice and sugar leaves your skin soft and glowing. With a circular massage of the skin with this beauty scrub, rough spots on the face become even. The vitamins C in the lemons is a good astringent that lightens the skin tone, removes patches on the skin and encourages cell growth. Mix a teaspoon of sugar and mix it with juice of half a lemon, use cotton balls to scrub all over the face. Put a jar of it on your nightstand and apply it regularly.

Eurospa is dedicated to your health and we can't wait to hear how these remedies help you! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Skip the Doctor's Office With these Natural Cold and Flu Busters!

Skip the Doctor's Office With these Natural Cold and Flu Busters!The cold and flu virus seems to have taken a real hold on people's health. Don't get under it. Instead, recognize what you can do to both strengthen your immune system, cleanse and heal your body from the comfort of your home, without chemicals or unnecessary trips to the doctor!

Skip the Doctor's Office With these Natural Cold and Flu Busters!

Steam Treatment
The body loves a chance to release stored toxins in the skin and other organs. Either create a good steaming shower and add our eucalyptus oil shower spray to the mix or do the same in a quality sauna or steam room.  This will also fight bronchial infections, respiratory struggles, improve circulation and alleviate pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis. 

Keeping hydrated allows the body to both function efficiently and to flush toxins and bacteria from your system. Water is essential for the optimal function of every system in your body.

The following foods are extremely beneficial for your overall health and strength of your immune system. Be sure to get a balanced amount of each.

-Fermented foods such as kefir, kimchee, miso, pickles, sauerkraut, etc.
-Coconuts and coconut oil
-Locally grown fruits and vegetables
-Garlic, when eaten raw, it is a potent antimicrobial that kills bacteria, viruses AND fungi
-Herbs and spices with high ORAC scores: Turmeric, oregano, cinnamon, cloves 

-essential oils with antiviral and antibacterial properties such as: melaleuca, rosemary, lavender, oregano, thyme and citrus, are great for inhalation, diffusing or topical application, when looking to boost the immune system. 

Vitamin D. 
Vitamin D is the number one prevention and treatment for illness as it is an amazingly effective antimicrobial agent, producing 200 to 300 different antimicrobial peptides in your body that kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. The best source for vitamin D is direct sunlight exposure, but isn't always available for many or practical during the winter. The next best thing to sunlight is the use of a safe indoor tanning device. If neither natural nor artificial sunlight is an option, then using oral supplements is your best bet.

Make sure you are getting an adequate amount sleep. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, or enough restorative sleep, you’ll be at increased risk for a hostile viral takeover.

At Eurospa, we are committed to your health and the health of the world around you.  Please take close care of your immune system this season and talk to us about our other products available for personal and spa use!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Life Changing! Exhilerating! Natural Stimulant! Takes 10 Seconds!


Need a pick me up? Not interested in #energydrinks or prescription drugs?  

Now all you need to do is rub your hands together. The key is what you put on your palms before you do the rubbing. Spray a couple of shots of 100% pure Eurospa Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray on your hands, rub them together for a few seconds very rapidly to create heat, energizing the oil. Now just bring the hands to your nose, and breath in.

The first time you do it, don't breath in too deeply. While the first breath can't hurt you, it sure might be a bit overwhelming. The exploding molecules of the essential oil will continue to provide natural stimulation while opening your sinuses, flood through your respiratory system, and opening your pores for a minute or so. Indulge as long as you like. Because this is an oil, not a scent, there is no residue, and in a few moments the delicious aroma will dissipate.  Feel free to take another hit as often as you like.

You may need to hide the bottle since everyone around you is likely to want their own pick me up.

Eurospa offers Eucalyptus Oil in several convenient products.

For your shower, we suggest the 8 oz spray bottle or ... 

for your purse or travel there is the 2 oz spray bottle

both  available on Amazon at bit.ly/EOMist

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

These Tips Will Help You Stop Hitting Snooze and Give You More Energy for Your Day!

These Tips Will Help You Stop Hitting Snooze and Give You More Energy for Your Day!I could not wake up this morning. But I have some secrets that help boost my energy even on my 'snooze button' days, so I wasn't too stressed. I also know I'm not alone and other people would love to know what I do for my boost.

These Tips Will Help You Stop Hitting Snooze and Give You More Energy for Your Day!

Warm Lemon Water
This one works to give you that ZING and also cleanses... even your skin will look great after doing this a few days in a row! 1/2 Lemon. One mug of water. Honey to taste with a dash (or tsp) of cayenne pepper.  GOOD MORNING!

Tea Bags
We both know that with very little sleep, you're likely to reach for a caffeinated beverage. If you're so wise to choose tea - steep your tea as usual but then apply the tea bag to your under eye area.  If you can listen to some energizing music and lay down for 5 minutes like this, you will feel more energized AND your eyes will look brighter!

Eucalyptus Oil Shower
This one is great and wonderfully refreshing!  Simply take the eucalyptus oil shower spray and spritz it into the steam of the shower! The naturally occurring menthol will open up your lungs and rejuvenate you from the inside out.

Peppermint Oil
I recommend keeping a small bottle of peppermint next to your bed. When you wake up (or during your daily lull), open the bottle and inhale deeply. You can even dab a few drops on your hairline, crown of the head and at the back of the neck. You'll be boosted quickly and ready to take on the world!

We hope you find these tips useful and able to give you the energy boost you're needing both inside and out!  Have a beautiful day, from all of us at Eurospa!j