Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Menthol Crystals Provide Powerful Lung Support Easily at Home or at the Spa!

Menthol Crystals Provide Powerful Lung Support Easily at Home or at the Spa!Everyone has experienced lung congestion one or multiple times. It's miserable and hard to breathe.  You deserve fast acting, natural relief that not only clears the congestion but heals you as well. 
Regular lung cleansing may just be the answer to many respiratory problems. Since we’re always breathing, problems with the lungs can really slow us down - it's not something we can just easily ignore. Even the best medicines tend to only help on a temporary basis.  And when that help is over, you are left still needing to breathe, right? The beauty of this is that menthol crystals are a remedy you can use at home, that will provide symptomatic relief because the menthol reduces bronchial constriction and airway hyper responsiveness.
Menthol likely sounds familiar to you as the plant essence is often found in mouthwashes, toothpaste, balms, and many other products. It's the primary active ingredient in essential oil of peppermint that provides the familiar cooling sensation and minty odor and taste. Menthol crystals are produced by rapidly cooling the essential oil of eucalyptus and peppermint. They are very concentrated and if used properly, are very beneficial when used for lung cleansing in small amounts.

Menthol Crystals for Cough and Congestion Support

Lung cleansing products that contain menthol crystals can provide tremendous relief for symptoms of congestion, upper respiratory problems, sore throat and coughs. In fact, most lozenges, cough drops, and respiratory balms will list menthol as the chief ingredient. It’s no surprise, if you’re congested and start inhaling the scent of menthol crystals, you can almost feel the menthol vapors attacking and breaking up lung congestion. The cooling and soothing sensation can be very relieving.
Adding menthol crystals to hot water and inhaling the vapors can begin to soothe congestion and irritated nasal or throat passages. Before getting in the shower, try dissolving some menthol crystals in a little water and add a few drops to the shower walls. The steam will release the menthol and provide you with an invigorating shower that provides aroma therapeutic benefits.
Menthol crystals aren't just available in small amounts for you to use in the comfort of your home, they can be used in industrial amounts in spa's as well. So wether you are the owner of a spa, we would love to enhance the benefits your clientele enjoy's through these amazing menthol crystals! Just imagine infusing one of your darker steam rooms with menthol essential oils, as your clients' sinuses and lungs rapidly clear! 
Your health and the health of your clients are our top priority.  At Eurospa, we promise top quality in all of our eucalyptus oil based products. We can't wait to hear from you, put in your order today!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Muscle Pain? Get Relief With Menthol Crystals, From These Recipes You Can Make At Home!

Muscle Pain? Get Relief With Menthol Crystals, From These Recipes You Can Make At Home!
Menthol Crystals offer temporary pain relief for sore muscles, providing a local

anesthetic with a cool numbing sensation as it penetrates the skin.  But how do you use them? 
Well, first, a little history.  These crystals generally come from India and are extracted from mint leaves with a gentle freezing process.  
The properties are so concentrated that just a few crystals are needed  to create very powerful effects. *Just beware. It's important that due to their strength, you may want to wear protective eye wear, gloves and keep the space you are working in well ventilated.  They are easy to inhale in small quantities in steam, but when you are creating a recipe, you'll be working with larger amounts in a dry environment.* 
We were blessed to stumble upon these great recipes from Abby Brown Soaps and are now sharing them with you!
Muscle Pain? Get Relief With Menthol Crystals, From These Recipes You Can Make At Home!Cooling Foot Soak
*Please use gloves when handling Menthol Crystals – as to not transfer from hands to eyes or other sensitive parts of your body.
4 oz Epsom Salt
4 oz Fine Dead Sea Salt
.20 oz Menthol Crystals
40 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
40 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
Add all the ingredients above into a food processor. Mix or pulse until all ingredients are fine ground. Store in jar or zip lock baggy. Clean Food Processor thoroughly.
Please note that the amount of menthol crystals in this recipe are the perfect amount for a foot soak, but will be too strong to be used as a body soak. We recommend 1% or less of menthol crystals in body soaks, as to not irritate or cause discomfort on sensitive areas.
Soothing Menthol Muscle Salve
2 tablespoon coconut oil =1oz
2 tablespoon shea butter = 1oz
2 tablespoon beeswax= 1oz
4 tablespoons almond oil = 2oz
1.2 teaspoon menthol crystals= .2oz
40 drops sweet birch essential oil
30 drops eucalyptus essential oil
20 drops rosemary essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil
1) Start by measuring your coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax into a small container and melting the oils on low heat.
2) When the oils have melted, remove from heat and stir in the menthol crystals until dissolved. Be sure to keep your face away from the mixture as to not irritate your eyes or nose.

3) When the crystals are dissolved, stir in the almond oil, followed by your essential oil.

4) Pour your mixture into a container with a lid for storage, but allow to cool before capping. Keep in refrigerator to maintain texture and shelf-life.

Massage a small amount onto sore muscles and joints for soothing relief. Wash your hands after and avoid face, eyes, and other sensitive areas. This recipe makes a mild salve that should be suitable for most skin types, even sensitive skin. You may increase the percentage of menthol crystals for stronger potency, but increase slowly to ensure your skin’s tolerance. We have encountered recipes ranging from 3%-20% menthol crystals, this recipe starts at 4%.

Want more?  Order your own Menthol Crystals! Happy health to you!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fast Natural Pain Relief for the Evil Cramps that Attack During Your Period.

Fast Natural Pain Relief for the Evil Cramps that Attack During Your Period.
The cramps that accompany getting your period can put a real damper on your day and plans.   

So it's no surprise that when that time of the month rolls around, women sometimes feel the need to wear a neon sign that reads, 'approach with caution'.   

Women have a super power of being able to be in pain and get on with life anyway. 

But do you know how to relieve the pain naturally without heading straight for the pain meds?  Not many women do but it would make things much healthier in the end if they did.

The truth is, women's reproductive systems and overall health are requesting (begging) for a better way.

So, I have compiled a small yet helpful list of natural home remedies to ease that pesky menstrual pain.

Hot shower.  

Not just any hot shower.  Turn up the heat as much as you can stand it.  Let the steam add up.  While you're at it, spray some of Eurospa's Eucalyptus Shower Spray into the steam.  The cleansing nature of the oil will be heightened in the stream and permeate your bronchial passages, resulting in relaxation and a further detoxified system.   Make sure that while you allow the hot water to really fall on your lower back.  This will relax those aching muscles and give you the chance to, at the same time, massage your lower belly which actually makes the process of 'release' more efficient!  Who wouldn't want that?


Just as mentioned above, you can also do a similar massage while laying down.  I suggest getting some massage oil.  A warming oil would be great, but if you only have a regular base, try adding some other essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus and cinnamon to the massage.  Lavender will relax and calm you, the cinnamon aids in circulation (bringing comfort) and the eucalyptus is actually a very good topical anti-inflammatory.  I did this step recently and slept so much better that night.

Hot Water Bottles.  

Yep, I mean the same kind you may (or may not) remember your grandparents using for their back pain. They may seem old-fashioned, but they really, truly help warm and relax the muscles in your lower abdomen. They are an affordable and worthy investment that will bring you relief month after month.  GO get one. 

Just Say NO to Caffeine.  
Don't freak out... I know it’s an intimidating thought, but eliminating caffeine from your diet could help alleviate a large amount of menstrual pain. Caffeine constricts your blood levels and raises tension: so when you’re suffering from cramps, you want to get the opposite happening. Additionally, caffeine dehydrates you, causing the cleanse to be a slower process. Drinking water and herbal tea instead will not only keep your flow hydrated, but will also help relieve bloating that may occur during your period. 

I'm not saying this will make your reproductive pain disappear all together, but I do believe you will feel more alive and able to function more comfortably and happily. 

It's a part of life, but it doesn't need to control you. 

At Eurospa, we enjoy bringing more quality to your life!  Stop by and see what we can do to better your health and daily living!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Look and Feel Younger with Easy and Natural Anti-Aging Practices You Can Do At Home

Who doesn't want to look younger?  We all want to hold on to our youth but is it possible to do such without the money and risk that comes with medical procedures like Botox? Can we erase lines and turn back the hands of time in a natural way and revive that youthful glow?

My answer is, YES, absolutely.  But let's be clear about one thing.  No person was meant to live forever frozen looking like they are 21.  As humans who are designed to love and appreciate ourselves, we need to remember that the tips I'm going to give you below are the most successfully used when they begin with a mindset of self love and acceptance.  If you cannot love the beauty that is individually you, then to be honest, the glow will just not shine as bright. 

So go take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate the miraculous person you are.  Once you've at least tried to get into that mindset (be kind to yourself; it's a habit that will need to be practiced, and you will get better over time!) then you can move on to looking and feeling younger with these easy and natural anti-aging practices you can do at home!

Let's start with gratitude.  Similar to the above point about looking at yourself in the mirror with love and appreciation, gratitude is a very complimenting look to a person's face.  When a person is in gratitude for their life, growth and blessings, despite hardship, there is an unmatchable glow that overtakes their face. Gratitude gets you into a space of loving yourself, your family, life and even potential possibilities, not to mention allows you to be aware of further opportunities before you.  What does that lead to? Joy. Gratitude is the mother of joy.  Nurture gratitude and the joy on your face will be beaming. 

Lemon Water
On a more practical note, try starting your day with a hot cup of lemon water.  Simply make hot water as you would for tea, add the juice of 1/2 a lemon and sweeten with honey or stevia to taste if needed.  This cleanses your digestive system, detoxifies the skin and blood, jump starts your energy and metabolism and neutralizes your body ph to a more alkaline level.  Disease and instability of health thrive in an acidic body. The opposite of that is an alkaline body.  Be healthy. Start your day alkaline. (side note: remember how lemon water cleanses the digestive system? the kidneys are part of that.  You know those bags and dark circles under your eyes?  Those are from overwhelmed kidneys.)

Look and Feel Younger with Easy and Natural Anti-Aging Practices You Can Do At HomeFace Massage
About those overwhelmed kidneys and their corresponding eye bags.  When the kidneys and even liver are over taxed, the lymph in the eyes begin to back up. Basically, the bags are just toxic congestion that needs to move through and out of your system. So if you're ready to get rid of them, definitely drink the lemon water and THEN do this exercise. 

  • close your eye.  place four finders (except the thumb) under the eye and gently apply pressure with the finger tips along the under eye/eye bag area. 
  • take your middle fingers and gently sweep the same area from the inside to the outer corner underneath the eye - be careful not to stretch the skin. 
  • repeat this action 5-10 times when applying moisturizer morning and night. this will aid in keeping the area flushed. 

Look and Feel Younger with Easy and Natural Anti-Aging Practices You Can Do At HomeEucalyptus Steam 
Eucalyptus Shower Spray is a great addition to any anti-aging routine.  Simply turn up the steam in the shower and spray the eucalyptus onto the walls and into the steam. This will allow the pores in the face to open and activate the anti-microbial cleansing properties of this healing plant. As well, inhaling the the steam will invite the herbal strength to cleanse your bronchial passages, allowing for a full body cleanse that will reflect in your skin.  

Green Juice
Look and Feel Younger with Easy and Natural Anti-Aging Practices You Can Do At Home
There's a lot of hype about green juice these days and it's for good reason!  Greens, similar to lemon water, alkalize the water, making the body a fertile ground for beauty to grow.  Greens tone the skin and blood, adding multiple vitamins, minerals and nutrients like silica, collagen, elastin and vitamin k to your insides and outsides.  This results in eyes that are brighter, skin that is tighter and cheeks that have that natural rosy hue. Who doesn't want that? (don't be too afraid - there are PLENTY of delicious recipes online for incredibly tasting juice!)

Now that you know how to turn back time in the healthiest ways possible, it's time to get on your way putting them in to practice.  At Eurospa, your health is our focus. If there's something we can do for you, please let us know!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tired Again? Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally!

Tired Again? Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy Naturally!
Fatigue, exhaustion and generally just feeling tired is one of the most common complaints in western societies. So how are you supposed to handle something so debilitating and yet common, in a healthy way? 
This is a question circulating in many social circles, as people all over debate what form of stimulant is the best.  From coffee to chocolate to supplements and energy drinks... people are determined to get energized.

If I told you that this was all possible in the most natural and healthy ways, would you lean in?  
Well, here's your chance.  If you have hit your limit  and are tired of being tired,  then I have some quick and easy ways for you to boost your energy naturally. 

Here you go. 

1. First of all, remove or decrease false stimulants in your diet and lifestyle that rob you of your energy reserves.  Take an audit of your chocolate, coffee, tea, processed sugars and refined carbohydrates in your diet. These are false stimulants and only stimulate you on a superficial and temporary level, leaving you with a crash later on.  So slowly decrease the false stimulants and replace them with fresh juice, water and tonic herbs. Your natural energy will become stronger as your body re-balances without these substances, and is able to know the proper energy release and relaxation needs your body is requiring. 

2. Stay hydrated with clean, purified water.  Not only do false stimulates confuse our adrenal glands, but they also dehydrate the body of it's need water! Most people know by now that the body is made of 80% water.  If you aren't getting enough water while also dehydrating it with your food and beverage choices, you should know that your brain cells are going to suffer.  In order to think clearly, your brain needs properly hydrated cells.  If you feel like a wilted flower, it's likely you need to be watered. 

3. Keep your body moving daily for best results. Committing to regularly moving your body will increase your natural energy flow dramatically. You'll notice after about a week that your normal symptoms of feeling sluggish, heavy and stagnant, will begin to shift in incredible ways. Your oxygen intake and absorption will increase, causing endorphins to begin to flow. Don't worry, you don't have to have a one hour power sweating session! Of course, those are great, but simply going for a fast paced walk or doing a series of yoga poses for a good 25-30 minutes, will boost your vitality quite quickly.

4. Get fresh .... with your air, that is.  Find time each day to get out in the fresh air; even if it's raining.  Take the time to breathe deeply and slowly, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Oxygen brought in through the nose goes more directly into the parts of the brain needed for active and focused thought.  This is an easy tip to implement, and should be done 10 breaths at a time.  

5. Stay in the moment.  Focusing on your past or worrying about the finances or future instead of simply living in the moment your are currently experiencing, causes your stress levels to skyrocket.  Stress instantly depletes your energy, because it releases the hormone Cortisol. Cortisol is big enemy of your adrenal glands.  Too much cortisol release, and your adrenals will totally burn out.  This is very serious and far harder to handle than simply being tired.  To avoid this be sure to continually try to remind yourself to come back to the present moment. The whirlwind of thoughts creating stress and fatigue will decrease, your focus will increase and you will find your energy quickly rebuilding!

Your health is our number one priority, at Eurospa.  We provide high quality natural Eucalyptus products to bring more quality to your life!  Please let us know how we can best serve you.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sugar Overdose? Be Prepared With These Natural Home Remedies!

With summer holidays and celebrations abounding, an overdose of sugar is almost inevitable.  But who'd really going to be able to resist the temptation of baked goodies and frozen treats?  We don't want you to feel restricted.  So, since we can assume there may be some random cases of sugar overdose, make sure to be prepared with these natural home remedies! 

I can't say it enough.  Any ache, pain, ailment.....  always reach for water first! You need to stay hydrated in general but when we are adding summer heat and sugar to the equation, you're only going to exacerbate it!  If you are drinking alcohol or coffee as well, you will be adding to additional dehydration.  So, stay sober and healthy or add tons of water to the mix to both flush toxins and keep the body hydrated. 

You'd be surprised how much this helps.  Now, if you're nauseous or if you are already hot outside, this can make it worse, so check your symptoms. But if you're indoors or cool enough, I've found this can really help calm the spasms and relax the ache.  Grab a hot water bottle or heating pad and apply to the ache.  Or jump in with two feet and immerse yourself in a hot bath or sauna.  I prefer this method, as you also sweat some of the impurities and toxins that may be contributing to the symptoms. 

Just like wringing out a wet towel of it's moisture, twisting your body can aid in releasing toxins stored in your intestines or stomach lining.  It's very simple.  You just sit down on the floor with your back straight up and your legs outstretched, together in front of you.  Now, bend and pull your left leg up and place your foot on the floor, with your knee standing up and your foot touching your inner right thigh.  Now take a deep breath, and as you exhale, slowly turn your body to the left as far as you can go, exhaling all the air out.  Then, as you twist back to center, inhale gently.  Switch legs and repeat this process on the other side.  Keep doing this if you can for 3-5 repetitions and then lay flat on your back and relax.  Your belly will thank you. 

There are a few ways to ease your stomach ache with essential oils.  One, is to place a couple drops of peppermint oil or tincture into your glass of water. (It's important to remember that you should aim to stay hydrated during this time anyway.  While that may not sound appealing, the peppermint will help ease that distaste.) Next, it's good to have a bottle of Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist on hand anyway, for many reasons!  One being that you can add it to the steam of the above suggested bath for internal relaxation and refreshment; great for internal spasms! Another use being that you can grab a little caster oil, mixed with a little coconut oil and rub that gently on your abdomen.  Then spray the eucalyptus onto your belly and rub in a clockwise motion.  The oils will carry the anti microbial and anti-spasmatic power of the eucalyptus into your body and allow them to work their healing magic.  

Nobody wants sugar to put a damper on their summer fun, but if you end up with the aches and pains, it's comforting to know that there are options out there that are natural and efficient in bringing healing and relief. 

At Eurospa, helping you achieve health naturally is our priority.  We are proud to provide you with the highest quality products to deliver that health.  Please stop by and let us know how we can further the health of your life or business, today!