Sunday, December 20, 2015

3 Easy Ways to Keep Beat Dry Skin in the Middle of Winter

3 Easy Ways to Keep Beat Dry Skin in the Middle of WinterDry skin is an uncomfortable byproduct of winter. Going from an overly heated car or indoor space into the crisp cold winter air can be a real shock to your skin, causing tightening, dehydration and flaking. Nobody wants that. That’s why we want to share some tried and true natural fixes to an annoying problem.

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Keep Beat Dry Skin in the Middle of Winter

An exfoliating scrub made by concocting lemon juice and sugar leaves your skin soft and glowing. With a circular massage of the skin with this beauty scrub, rough spots on the face become even. The vitamins C in the lemons is a good astringent that lightens the skin tone, removes patches on the skin and encourages cell growth. Mix a teaspoon of sugar and mix it with juice of half a lemon, use cotton balls to scrub all over the face. Put a jar of it on your nightstand and apply it regularly.

Winter is not a friend to dry skin. The heating in homes evaporate the water from the air, which makes the air very dry. Humidifiers come in useful at a time like this by adding moisture to the air, and thus benefiting your dry skin. Either humidify the whole room or get a portable humidifier. We definitely recommend adding a few sprays of our eucalyptus oil shower spray to the room to enhance the health and wellness benefits. Eucalyptus in the air will not only open up the bronchial passages for better respiratory health and to cleanse the skin!

Moisture forms a protective layer on the skin keeping it safe by keeping it hydrated. Oils that are easily absorbed by the skin, such as coconut, jojoba and almond, tend to be better at keeping the real moisture in, allowing the skin the best nourishment possible. Coconut oil makes the skin feel softer and removes its previous scaly characteristic by moistening it in a natural way. Coconut oil has sufficient amounts of fatty acid that make up for any loss of moisture from the skin. It works best when left on for an entire night. Apply proper amount before going to sleep and wash it off in the morning; do this every night. Over the counter creams work well in the beginning but only leave a surface layer of hydration.  

Bonus tip?
Drink more water and reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine dehydrates the skin cells and causes inflammation. Drinking water does the opposite; calms the skin and nourishes the cells, causing you to adapt to the changing temperatures more easily and beautifully!

Eurospa is dedicated to your health and we can't wait to hear how these remedies help you! Try this out and see what other products we have to boost your health and quality of life!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mint Has Some Shocking Health Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss. [the 4th is amazing!]

Mint Has Some Shocking Health Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss. [the 4th is amazing!]Everyone has these little (and big) ailments that get in the way of your daily life and the ability to enjoy it. Some of the more common complaints are body pain, fatigue and low spirits. We’ve all been there and we all know someone who’s been there.
What’s beautiful is that you don’t have to go at it alone and you can find relief with natural remedies. One remedy in particular is mint… combined with eucalyptus. Both are powerful. So why not combine them?

Here are some of the benefits:

Nausea & Headache: Again, the strong and refreshing aroma of mint is a quick and effective remedy for nausea. Even just the smell of mint oil or freshly crushed mint leaves or the use of any product with mint flavor, and your stomach issues will be alleviated. In fact, many people keep menthol oil or mint-flavored products with them at all time to avoid nausea. Balms with a mint base or basic mint oil, when rubbed on the forehead and nose, gives quick relief in case of headache. Mint is a naturally soothing substance, so it can alleviate the inflammation and temperature rise that is often associated with headaches and migraines.
Respiratory Disorders and Coughs: The strong aroma of mint is very effective in clearing up congestion of the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs, which gives relief for respiratory disorders that often result from asthma and the common cold. As mint cools and soothes the throat, nose and other respiratory channels, it relieves the irritation which causes chronic coughing. This is the main reason why so many balms are based on mint. Unlike the inhalers that are based on aerosols, those with mint as the fundamental component tend to be more effective and eco-friendly as well.
Asthma: Regular use of mint is very beneficial for asthma patients, as it is a good relaxant and relieves congestion. That being said, using too much mint in this way can also irritate the nose and throat.
Depression and Fatigue: Mint is a natural stimulant, and the smell alone can be enough to charge your batteries and get your brain functioning on a high level again. If you are feeling sluggish, anxious, depressed, or simply exhausted, mint and its derivative essential oils can help. It can be ingested, applied topically in a salve form, or inhaled as a vapor, and all of those techniques can give you a much-needed boost! A popular way to get good results in an easy manner is to put a few drops of mint essential oil or menthol oil on your pillow at night and let it work on your body and mind while you sleep. []
Of course, talk to your doctor if the issue is bigger and needs closer attention. But for acute complaints, this natural remedy works wonders and is easy to get into your home. Get this for yourself and for your family. Get it today and see the difference.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to Make the Perfect Spa Themed Gift Basket

How to Make the Perfect Spa Themed Gift BasketSimple gifts are easy to give, but why not make it even more special without the complication. A spa themed gift basket is a perfect match for just about anyone with stress or a busy life. Do you know anyone that isn’t stressed? Likely not, so this is a win win gift.
Want to make a spa gift? It’s incredibly easy and affordable as well. Here’s how:
  1. Grab a medium sized basket or box. Choose natural wood or soothing colors. This is where you’ll stash everything.
  2. Make sure you have things to fill the box with and these can be strips of newspaper, cotton balls or even cloth.
  3. Fill the basket with items perfect for inducing relaxation and the spa experience. Some ideas include an eye mask, a facial scrub or liquid mask, some lavender oil, candles, massage lotion, a massage voucher and finally - no basket is complete without some Eucalyptus oil shower spray. (More ‘how to’ here) The spray can be used in any hot shower or bath to bring extra rejuvenation and immune boosting.
  4. Create little note cards with instructions and the reason for each item included.
  5. Top it all with a bow.
You’re ready to present your gift. Whether or not you wrap it completely is up to you. But we assure you, this is a crowd pleasing gift at any age.
Eurospa has been providing the highest quality of pharmaceutical grade Eucalyptus oil to both homes and spas for more than 30 years. We are honored to provide it to you as well and are happy to answer any questions you might have.

From us to you, have a happy holiday!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Are You a Last Minute Shopper? You Want to Miss this Great Idea!

Are You a Last Minute Shopper? You Want to Miss this Great Idea!Whether you’re a last minute shopper by nature or simply put it off because of the stress involved, we want to solve many problems at once with some simple  tips you won’t want to miss.
First of all, relax and remember that this is a season of togetherness and not just one of buy all and lose your mind! You are cordially invited to give a beautiful gift, without the extra stress and without breaking the bank. Sound good?
We at Eurospa, naturally have a great gift tip for you, but first, if you’re going to make your way out into the shopping world - there are a few suggestions we’d like to share with you first.
Make The Gift. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but there’s something special about making something for someone. Whether it’s a craft, something of memorabilia or even baked goods, don’t underestimate the power of creating something special.
Shop Online. Avoid the stores all together. Shop online for your family and friend’s wish list. Even better, make sure to sign up for the bonuses that include rebates and free shipping! Just make sure they have an honorable return policy.
Create Vouchers. Why not create or purchase coupons or vouchers? You can gift someone a series of neck rubs or foot rubs, babysitting, or dinner cooking! You can also
For the Gift Idea:
Are You a Last Minute Shopper? You Want to Miss this Great Idea!Everyone has that person in their family that is overworked, spread too thin and could really use a break. That’s why we want to suggest a “Pamper Pack”.  You can even apply the tips from above to do so.

What’s more pampering than body relaxation and rejuvenation. Grab a box and put your best tools inside. Some ideas would include an eye mask, some loose leaf tea, a coupon for a personalized foot rub and some Eucalyptus oil shower spray to turn any hot bath or shower into a total spa experience. All you need now, is a basket or box to put it all together in. Anyone receiving this combination will shower you with hugs and gratitude!
From us to you, we hope that you have an incredible holiday season and all the magic that comes with it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fight Adrenal Fatigue Naturally with These Simple Home Remedies

Fight Adrenal Fatigue Naturally with These Simple Home RemediesNobody like that feeling of exhaustion that hits right around 3pm, where you have to wonder if just one more cup of coffee is a good idea. You don’t know how to do without it. And on top of it all, you’re counting down the hours left until you can sleep again.
If you have felt this way or feel this way now, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, for many, just because you finally have the chance to sleep at night, doesn’t mean that you will. You might just lay in bed, ready to rest, only to find your brain even more powered on than before. These are very common symptoms of adrenal fatigue or burnout.
Adrenal fatigue is very dangerous and left to it’s own devices can lead to serious autoimmune diseases. If you’re not waking up energized and rested, if you’re finding yourself craving caffeine or sweets come mid afternoon, you might be dealing with adrenal fatigue. And we at Eurospa want to help you by sharing some simple home remedies that will help you feel rested, boost your immune system and restart your energy levels.
Early to bed. This one may seem logical, but it’s true nonetheless. Make sure, if you’re dealing with extreme exhaustion, that you commit to a good 30 days of going to bed early. Sure you might miss out on late night activities but you’ll get your health and energy levels back. Isn’t that worth it?
Hydration. Adrenal fatigue causes dehydration. Think of your tired self as a wilted flower. Feed the flower and the flower will stop being wilted. Your brain needs adequate water to function, so give as asked.
Invigoration. Don’t just pinch yourself to wake up, use Eucalyptus oil. Just a few sprays of Eucalyptus oil into your shower will wake up not only your mind, but also your circulation and respiratory system, which will boost your immune system as well.
B Vitamins. B Vitamins are necessary for proper adrenal function. Diets that are higher in fat and lower in carbs can rob the body of it’s needed B vitamins. Get a high quality supplement if you think you might not be getting enough from your diet.
No Toxins. Reduce or eliminate refined sugars and toxins from the diet. Your body’s insulin levels and defense systems rise and fall dramatically when having to deal with added toxins. This includes alcohol and sweets. Take some time off. You won’t regret it.
Stress Less.  You might be surprised at how detrimental stress is to your health; especially your adrenals. Stress releases extra cortisol -the body’s stress hormone. Too much cortisol puts at dangerous risk for autoimmune disorders and will require even more time and extreme measures of rest in order to heal and reach homeostasis. If you know you have high stress, consider your options. Look for more ways to pause in your day and week and remind yourself of what’s important. Look for things to have gratitude about. Ask for help. Don’t put too much on your shoulders. Talk to your family and closest friends and let them know you need support in making changes.

At Eurospa, we desire to support your health in any way possible. Of course, we know that our Eucalyptus oil spray will not only rejuvenate you and boost your immune system, but it also adds a high amount of relaxation to your day and helps to ease cortisol release. Don’t let stress and exhaustion rule your health. Let Eurospa help.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fast Natural Ways to Boost Nausea When the Flu Strikes

Fast Natural Ways to Boost Nausea When the Flu StrikesFlu season has officially begun and no flu shot promises your protection. So whatever you do to try and keep it at bay, if nausea hits, you know what’s coming. No one wants to feel sick and down, much less have nausea following them around all day.
Even if you never get a full blown flu, feeling nauseous can both limit your productivity or keep you from being able to do anything at all!
At Eurospa, we want to give you some natural ways to beat those nasty nauseous feelings and boost your immune system while you’re at it.
First of all, the best natural remedies for healing nausea and vomiting fast, usually involve essential oils. They are convenient and easy to use. And perfect for when you have an upset stomach, stomach flu or stomach ache.

Essential oils penetrate the skin and circulate throughout the body in a matter of minutes. In addition to absorbing them through the pores, they work just as well when inhaled and dispersed through the lungs. This is great news, because if you're suffering from stomach ailments or nausea, you likely can't handle taking medication orally anyway.

  1. The best essential oils for easing nausea are eucalyptus and mint. The best way to use them? Simply spritz both oils into the air around you. You can also really get fast and effective help, by spraying the oils directly into the steam of a shower. Just spray, get in, rest and breathe. Let the oils do their work. To make it even more convenient for you, we’ve created Eucamint. The Eucalyptus oil and mint combination that not only refreshes, but keeps you healthy (and kick the flu) as well.

  1. Another remedy? Try apple cider vinegar. Be sure to ask your local natural foods provider for organic, unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar, (acv) as this is the most potent and effective. Add 1-2 TBSP of the acv to an 8 oz glass of water. Add honey or stevia to sweeten and make the taste more palatable. Drink this every hour or two and experience relief.

  1. Lastly, take activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a binder, meaning that once taken internally, it acts as a magnet for toxins and quickly both absorbs and flushes them out of your system. Find activated charcoal at most natural health and food stores.

We at Eurospa have been providing the finest quality of eucalyptus oil products to both homes and spas alike, for over 30 years. This means that you, too, can have the same high quality of eucalyptus oil that the 5-star hotels use right in the comfort of your home.

If you're tired of using less than helpful products to feel better and are ready to experience true health and vitality, start with a powerful small step. Get a bottle of Eucalyptus oil shower spray today. Your whole body will thank you.