Friday, April 22, 2016

Protect Your Skin From Damage and Burns With these Easy Tips.

The temperature has been rising steadily and it’s easy to forget to care for our skin. Since your skin is the biggest organ on your body and the one that gives your age away - it’s wise to protect it. So we are going to share some easy tips to caring for your skin if it does get burned and how to avoid the burn all together.

Protect Your Skin From Damage and Burns With these Easy Tips.

Take good care of your skin.  Spray the burn with diluted lavender oil.  Or, grab our own Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist .If you choose to go with the lavender, just mix a few drops to a cup of water and pour into a clean spray bottle. Shake well before using. Both lavender and eucalyptus are good for mild (first-degree) burns of any kind.

Treat often… Repeat the above steps.  Before you go to bed and once you get up in the morning, shower again. It will not only feel soothing, but it will steal the heat from the skin, speeding the healing along. Make sure you do another spray down session with your Lavender or Eucalyptus Spray before you go to bed, to really make sure those oils can use the night to penetrate into your skin.

Stay hydrated...Try to moisturize as often as possible each day after you get that blessed sunburn and drink plenty of water. I'm not kidding.  DRINK A LOT OF WATER.  I can't stress that enough. Sunburns dry out the skin immensely. Staying hydrated on the inside and out will keep your many skin layers from dying and peeling.  And we don't want peely skin! We want supple, moist and glowing skin!!

Become a shade dweller. As long as you have that burn, stay in the shade.  You will only prolong and aggravate the healing process by exposing your skin to more sun.  So stay cool, covered and moisturized!

Wear loose clothing… Your skin is particularly sensitive right now and the nicest thing you can do for it is to wear loose fitting natural fabrics.  Just say NO to poly blends!  Cotton and hemp fabrics are breathable and soft on the healing skin.  If you want to heal fast, you've got to baby the skin and treat it as gently as possible.

Lastly … To keep that youthful glow, stay hydrated, moisturize often and use the essential oil routine regularly. These daily practices will keep nourishing your skin and will continue to protected from normal environmental harm.   

We love your health and want you to feel good.  That's why we at Eurospa do what we do. So let us know what we can do for you!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Get To Know Eucalyptus Better & Your Health Might Have a New Best Friend

Get To Know Eucalyptus Better & Your Health Might Have a New Best Friend
Essential oils and other forms of plant medicine are getting a lot of attention. They all have various benefits and strengths, but we at Eurospa hold a special place in our hearts for Eucalyptus and won’t rest until we’ve told everyone possible about the reasons we’ve grown so fond of it.
People have said that the eucalyptus tree is one of the most useful trees in the world. Eucalyptus belongs to the same family as tea tree and grows most abundantly in Australia. The word eucalyptus means ‘well-covered’ referring to the little plant cap that covers the flower before it buds. Tall and water-loving, Eucalyptus is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. It grows in damp marshy areas on moist land and clays, most often found in hilly countrysides or moist valleys in deep rich soils.  

Here’s a little on the medical history side:
In Australia, it was considered to be a ‘cure-all’ by the Aborigines, there are over 300 species and 700 varieties of eucalyptus. The trees have been used for everything from paper, to mulch, shade, fuel, hardwoods, wind breaking and malaria fighting. Its extensive root system absorbs vast amounts of water.

Eucalyptus oil was in huge demand during World War 1, as it was used to control a meningitis outbreak and for the influenza of 1919. Today the major eucalyptus producing countries include China, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Russia, and Chile.

With over 50 pounds of plant material needed for one pound of oil, eucalyptus was first distilled in 1788, when Doctors White and Cossiden used its oil in treating problems of the chest. The first works of the antiseptic and bacterial properties of the oil were published in Germany by Doctors Cole and Homeyer. They classified it as being "sudorific, a stimulant anti-catharral and astringent". It was prescribed for all respiratory system conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, coughs, and flu. The original oil introduced to Europe was was called 'Sydney peppermint' and quickly became popular. Traditional household remedies use both the leaves and oils for relief from respiratory ailments, feverish conditions, as well as for skin problems like burns, ulcers, and wounds.

Eucalyptus is one of the most universal and versatile of essential oils. Some of its many properties include analgesic, antiseptic, deodorant, expectorant, and vermifuge (anti-parasitic). Eucalyptus has a predominantly stimulating effect on the nervous system and therefore should assist those suffering from depression and lethargy. Known as a ‘stimulating’ expectorant due to its invigorating action on the mucus membranes, it is widely considered an effective remedy for respiratory ills. Additionally eucalyptus is used to relieve muscular aches and pains, in particular those of a ‘cold’ nature such as rheumatic pains. - Ananda Apothecary

Eucalyptus has been widely used and studied by many cultures over the course of time, and the interest and information is only growing - for good reason, too! We believe that experiencing Eucalyptus on a regular basis is essential for your physical health and total wellness. For more information on our home and spa products, visit us today at Eurospa!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Menthol Crystals Play a Powerful Role in Your Health and Vitality. Here’s Why:

Menthol Crystals Play a Powerful Role in Your Health and Vitality. Here’s Why:
If you or someone you know suffers from muscle pain, allergies, skin conditions, emotional imbalance or respiratory challenges, then this is something you want to know about and get your hands on. There’s a reason the top spas and natural practitioners have been using menthol crystals for so long.  The crystals work hard to support your body’s immune system and natural ability to defend itself and heal.
Menthol crystals generally come from India and are extracted from mint leaves with a gentle freezing process. The properties are so concentrated that just a few crystals are needed  to create very powerful effects. *Just beware. It's important that due to their strength, you may want to wear protective eyewear, gloves and keep the space you are working in well ventilated.  They are easy to inhale in small quantities in steam, but when you are creating a recipe, you'll be working with larger amounts in a dry environment.*
Some of the powerful benefits of menthol crystals are listed below.
  • When mixed with a carrier oil or aloe vera gel, menthol crystals can reduce itching.
  • Add menthol crystals to your favorite hair oil as a hair growth accelerator! Mix a small amount into the oil and massage on to the scalp before you shower, twice a week !
  • Menthol crystals can be used to alleviate nausea, especially when the nausea is due to motion sickness.  This is because peppermint (which is used in making menthol crystals) is a natural carminative herb, meaning it can settle the digestive system.
  • Calms sunburns when mixed with aloe vera gel
  • Reduce fever by placing a very small amount on the forehead or bottom of the feet.
  • Reduces inflammation from a sore throat when applied topically all around the neck. Can be applied directly to cuts, scrapes and bruises to reduce inflammation and irritation.
  • For respiratory problems, many people love making their own vapor rub alternative that is more effective and made of safer ingredients with the same cooling/numbing feeling that also opens up the sinuses.
  • Sinus Clearing: When your sinuses are really stopped up, just the smallest amount in a little very hot water, will send vapors up into your sinus, clearing them and helping you breath. Just keep your eyes closed to protect them from any chill or sting.
  • Used as aromatherapy, the scent can be used to provide relief of stress, anxiety and nervousness.

With that long list of benefits, it’s hard not to be sold on the power of menthol crystals.  We at Eurospa, believe that all people have the right to good health and feel-good living, which is why we provide such high quality eucalyptus and menthol products, such as our eucalyptus oil shower spray and menthol crystals!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Good News and Bad News About Your Seasonal Allergies.

The Good News and Bad News About Your Seasonal Allergies. It’s too familiar. It feels like the coming on of the flu. Slight headache. Sinus pressure. Tiredness. And then… sneezing. There’s a good chance you’re not sick. (Good news!) It’s likely you’ve got seasonal allergies. (Bad News.)
Why is this bad news? Well, a cold will go away. Allergies like to hang on to you like a dear friend, for months on end. You can’t work or function like that - much less enjoy the beauty of the season.
So rather than buy out the local drug store’s stock of anti-histamines, we’d like to suggest you take a more natural, just as effective and much safer for the body route.

Here's what you want to do:

Eat the right foods.
Choose to eat a clean and balanced diet, full of high quality protein, fruits and vegetables. This helps to reduce may reduce hay fever symptoms and also strengthens the immune system. Drink a lot of water only, and do your best to avoid grains, dairy, excess salt, sugar, alcohol and anything other highly processed foods. Bonus helpful foods to help get rid of hay fever are garlic, ginger, onions and honey. Steep them in a tea for best results. Once it has steeped for at least 10 minutes, feel free to add ice if that would be more weather appropriate.

Herbs with superpowers.
There are several herbs that may be used to calm the sneezing, coughing, itching and congestion symptoms associated with hay fever. They work mainly by strengthening and supporting the allergen-fighting immune system. Some of these herbs are stinging nettle, gingko and quercetin.

Drink a lot of water.
Drinking adequate water will dilute your system as well as keep the mucous flowing so it doesn’t stagnate in your sinus cavities. The more dehydrated you are, the more pressure and burning you’re likely to feel.

Acupuncture helps.
Acupuncture has been shown repeatedly to effectively relieve symptoms of hay fever. Acupuncture corrects and balances the energy flow of your body (your body's electrical system) through the use of needles on the skin, specifically on facial points. This stimulates the immune system, clear congestion, any associated pain and reduce inflammation.

Steam with eucalyptus
This is an easy and relaxing option for relieving hay fever symptoms. Start a hot shower or bath and breathe in the steam.  The steam will break up the mucous and relax the uptight muscles involved.  You can enhance this option by using the acupressure mentioned while in the heat.  Also, adding essential oils like our Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray to the steam WITH the acupressure IN the steam, will give you peak relief.

Other useful tips:
There will be days where the pollen count is simply high and your safest choice will be to stay indoors. (Enter your zip code here and find out your local pollen count!)  It’s also smart to avoid going outside during more windy days or after thunderstorms. Instead of a lawn, have bricks, rocks and stone for a landscape. And as needed throughout the day, rinse your face and blow your nose to keep yourself clear from any pollen collecting there.

We at Eurospa Aromatics, we are committed to your health.  Stop by and see what else we can do to increase the quality of your life and overall health.