Monday, December 29, 2014

CDC Says the Flu Shot is Less Effective - Try These Natural Remedies Instead!

CDC Says the Flu Shot is Less Effective - Try These Natural Remedies Instead!Scientists are concerned about what they're seeing so far this flu season, the director of

the Centers for Disease Control said Thursday, due to the cells mutating. Citizens everywhere are dependent on what's now, no longer helpful, and are in need of some alternative options.  We at Eurospa, understand the need for medicine that works, which is why we look to nature to healing.  Medicine and nature both have their place. When the flu hits, it's good to be educated. So, since the CDC says the flu shot is less effect, so try these natural remedies instead! 

Start with steam
CDC Says the Flu Shot is Less Effective - Try These Natural Remedies Instead!We've said it before, because it's what we're built on. Steam is one of the best things you can do for this cold and flu.  Our bronchial passages open up and relax their tension upon meeting the steam. As well, when you spray Eucalyptus oil into the steam the effects are even greater.  Eucalyptus oil not only stimulates the immune system, but also relieves pain and acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Simply spray into shower steam or into a stove top pot for faster inhalation. Do this twice per day.

Homemade tonic
Making your own tonic is a strong way to support your immune system whether keeping the germs away or to get better faster. Combine in one glass:
-1 TBSP raw honey
-1 TBSP raw apple cider vinegar
-1 crushed garlic clove
-1 drop of therapeutic grade oregano oil* (it's important to only use therapeutic grade oils when ingesting.)  Also keep in mind that oregano, a powerful antiviral and antibiotic, is a HOT oil, meaning that it can burn if left too strong on the skin.  Be sure to only put one drop per glass. IF the oil get's on your lips, simply rub on olive or coconut oil rather than water as water will only intensify the heat.   

Both remedies have significantly treated the many different symptoms that are common with this years cold and flu viruses.  At Eurospa, we value your health and want to know that life is being enjoyed for you at it's best. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kill Germs and Boost the Holiday Mood By Diffusing These Essential Oils!

Kill Germs and Boost the Holiday Mood By Diffusing These Essential Oils! Using certain essential oils in a diffuser can spread the fragrance of the natural oils in the house and bring about a sense of pleasure throughout. In addition, it's healing properties have the power to fight colds and viruses alike. The aroma emitted from these essential or natural oils stimulates the brain functions which in turn acts as a healing therapy. This eventually helps in relaxation and various health benefits.
These aromatic oils are also absorbed through the skin which travels through the bloodstream to promote whole-body healing.
Not only does diffusing essential oils offer medicinal benefits, but there are also some day to day benefits as the natural oils contain antidepressant and antibacterial properties. By diffusing the oils regularly, the you will improve your life quality and overcome daily emotional and physical challenges! 
  • Stress relief
  • Anxiety or fear management
  • Self esteem booster
  • Grief extinguisher
  • Fatigue control
  • Agitation release
  • Isolation aid
  • Memory Boosters
  • Immune Booster
  • Anti-Viral / Anti-Septic
Here are our top recommendations for essential oils that will kill germs and boost that holiday mood this season, and their benefits! 
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps maintain a healthy immune system, especially when seasonal threats are high. When diffused, Cinnamon promotes clear breathing while purifying the air. 
  • Eucalyptus:  The health benefits of eucalyptus oil are well-known and wide ranging, and its properties include anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating, and other medicinal qualities. We recommend our shower spray, as it will stimulate respiratory health when activated by steam. 
  • Cypress: Cypress essential oil is also used to help with asthma, reducing cellulite, colds and coughing, strengthening connective tissue, diarrhea, nose bleeds, scar tissue, and more. When used aromatically, Cypress essential oil can help calm your body and mind, bringing both to a peaceful and relaxed state. 
  • Orange: It is excellent for disinfecting and killing fungus and pathogens.  It has very effective actions against colds and flu, and is highly recommended for use during their early stages.
As we said, we most recommend to use the Eucalyptus Oil Spray in the shower, for best results.  For the other oils, a couple drops each in a diffuser, will not only create a delicious holiday blend, but also lift your mood and support your immune system greatly. 

Your health is our priority. Please contact us, at Eurospa for more information and products for home and spa health! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Perfect Christmas Gift and How to Use it for Better Health!

Don't Shop Til You Drop! Here's the Perfect Christmas Gift and How to Use it for Better Health!It's hard to find the perfect Christmas gift.  But if you could find a gift that not only delivered great skin, but improved health as well, wouldn't you want to know the secret? 

We thought you would. All people everywhere have the right to both feel good and look their best. So why not do it naturally? There's a lot of hype out there promising results from expensive serums. But the truth is, your skin is one large detoxification organ. If it's angry, the inside is angry too. Eucalyptus has antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties causing it to very efficient at cleansing the body when inhaled and absorbed through steam.

Eucalyptus steam inhalation is recommended by some alternative practitioners for relieving nasal congestion and sinus congestion, usually from colds and flu. It can be done two to four times a day to relieve symptoms. If you're not able to do this, a steamy shower, vaporizer, or facial sauna is an alternative.
Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil which can be found in many health food stores and online. It should not be confused with camphor oil. Eucalyptus oil should not be ingested, applied directly to the skin, or used in excess of suggested amounts.

This is why Eurospa developed a eucalyptus oil shower spray. We knew you deserved the benefits and we want to deliver. Below are a few ways to benefit from this amazing oil:

Instructions For Stove Top Steaming

Fill the kettle and bring the water to a boil.
Place the bowl on a stable surface, such as a table.
Turn the kettle off and carefully pour approximately four to six cups of water into the bowl.
Add two to three drops of eucalyptus oil to the water.
With your head at approximately arm's length away, cover your head with the towel. Don't bring your face too close to the water.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Continue for 10 minutes.
If you start to feel overheated or uncomfortable, remove the sheet.

Shower Steam Option

While the stove top is a great option, busy people may want to be more efficient with their time, and opt to steam in the shower or bath tub. For this, we provide an affordable Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray that you can spray into the steam.  We suggest you close up all bathroom doors, windows and curtains to achieve the full affect. 

Safety Precautions

Do not add more than the suggested amount of eucalyptus oil.
Keep children away while doing a eucalyptus steam inhalation.
Certain people should avoid eucalyptus steam inhalation, such as those with heart conditions, central nervous system disorders, and pregnant women. Infants, children, and elderly people may not be able to respond appropriately to the heat.      [source]

At Eurospa, our passion is to provide you with the highest quality products possible to allow you the chance at great health and divine relaxation.  We are proud to offer the gift of health to you this holiday season! 

Please contact us today for more information and to make your first (or repeat) order!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Get the Best Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System for Winter!

Get the Best Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System for Winter!Incorporating essential oils into your daily routine will help keep your immune system stronger, shorten your recovery time from illness and uplift your spirits when the winter weather keeps you inside a bit more than you would like. Pure therapeutic essential oils have the ability to work with the body on a spiritual, mental and physical plane to bring the body to a place of balance and harmony. Take care of your health and get the best essential oils to boost your immune system for winter.
Two or three drops of rosemary oil or eucalyptus oil shower spray on the bottom of the shower before you turn the water on will disperse into the air and as you breathe it in you are supporting your immune system. Diffusing lemon, lime or grapefruit essential oil into the air of your home or office not only uplifts the spirits, it inhibits the growth of bacteria, making indoor air safer to inhale. (For best results, diffuse essential oils diluted in water.)
At the first sign of a cold or sinus infection try a facial steam with lavender or tea tree oil. Place two drops of the pure oil in a glass bowl then fill with hot water. Place a towel over your head, close your eyes and breathe the steam deeply in through your nose. You are breathing in these pure antibacterial and antiviral essential oils. Do this two or three times during the day as the infection is beginning and it will often shorten the length of sickness or even stop you from becoming sick altogether. If you can’t do a steam, try dropping a few drops of the essential oils on a tissue and breathe it in throughout the day. You will still be getting the therapeutic effects of the oils.
Salt or sugar body scrubs that have been blended with pure essential oils are a winter skin must-have. When you stimulate the surface of the skin with a scrub it brings blood to the surface and helps rid the body of toxins through the pores. Doing a body scrub with peppermint or rosemary oil in the shower boosts the immune system while leaving your skin clean, soft and moisturized.
Here are my top must haves for winter immune boosting:
Lavender:  for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to help us relax and rest. Mix with a carrier oil and pat it gently on to your face with the palms of your hands.
Tea Tree: is antiviral and is an excellent immune stimulant. Mix into the above oil blend for increased immune benefits. 
Eucalyptus: is anti-infectious and antiviral, fighting off infections. Use the eucalyptus oil shower spray in your shower steam to really open up your bronchial passages for respiratory health. 
Rosemary: is antiseptic and astringent and helps fight bacteria.
Lemon: is an immune stimulant as well as an antiseptic, which makes it an excellent choice to diffuse into winter air. Get a therapeutic grade lemon oil and put a couple drops in your tea or cold water bottle to boost your system while cleansing it at the same time. Take caution and never ingest food grade (or lesser grade oils); only ingest certified pure therapeutic grade lemon oil
Peppermint: for its analgesic, anti-infectious properties. Pat a small amount on your temples and at the base of your neck to relieve tension and pressure. Inhale the scent to give your energy a boost in the morning and throughout the day as well!
Whichever method you choose to incorporate essential oils into your life this winter, I encourage you to buy pure, high quality oils from a company you trust and use them wisely, as these oils are medicines. Be safe and handle them with respect.
Eurospa is dedicated to your health and well being. Please let us know how we can further support your healthy lifestyle!