Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Love Your Skin! Natural Anti-Aging Sun Burn Relief You Can Do From Home!

Love Your Skin! Natural Anti-Aging Sun Burn Relief You Can Do From Home!The summer sun has been strong this year with it's most intense rays happening at the

end! It's important not to get lazy and make sure we are continuing to take care of our skin to ensure we are protected from harmful melanoma and also the fine lines, spots and premature aging that happen as well! I don't think I need to spend too much time on sunscreen, because by now, we all know that we need to properly defend our skin from the strong rays of the sun. But I do want to remind you to sunscreen your face even when you won't be in the sun.  The skin on the face is like a sun magnet and shows the most damage.  Protect. 

In the case that you still end up with a burn, here are some ways to not only heal that sunburn fast and naturally at home, but also soothe, heal and hydrate the skin on deeper levels, leaving more protection for the future. 

Natural Anti-Aging Sun Burn Relief You Can Do From Home!

Cool your sunburned skin immediately. Dip into a very cool bath, shower or even splash cool water on affected skin, right after you come in out of the sun. Cooling the burn minimizes damage to skin layers.


Love Your Skin! Natural Anti-Aging Sun Burn Relief You Can Do From Home!Spray the burn with diluted lavender oil.  Or, grab our own Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist .If you choose to go with the lavender, just mix a few drops to a cup of water and pour into a clean spray bottle. Shake well before using. Both lavender and eucalyptus are good for mild (first-degree) burns of any kind.

Your skin is particularly sensitive right now and the nicest thing you can do for it is to wear loose fitting natural fabrics.  Just say NO to poly blends!  Cotton and hemp fabrics are breathable and soft on the healing skin.  If you want to heal fast, you've got to baby the skin and treat it as gently as possible. 

Repeat the above steps.  Before you go to bed and once you get up in the morning, shower again. It will not only feel soothing, but it will steal the heat from the skin, speeding the healing along. Make sure you do another spray down session with your Lavender or Eucalyptus Spray before you go to bed, to really make sure those oils can use the night to penetrate into your skin.

Try to moisturize as often as possible each day after you get that blessed sunburn and drink plenty of water. I'm not kidding.  DRINK A LOT OF WATER.  I can't stress that enough. Sunburns dry out the skin immensely. Staying hydrated on the inside and out will keep your many skin layers from dying and peeling.  And we don't want peely skin! We want supple, moist and glowing skin!! 

As long as you have that burn, stay in the shade.  You will only prolong and aggravate the healing process by exposing your skin to more sun.  So stay cool, covered and moisturized!

I hope those tips were helpful.   For further aiding in healing, feel free to add some vitamin E to your daily regimen and foods like apricots and cucumbers, which are high in E and silica - great for skin!  To keep your youthful glow, keep up the hydrate, moisturize and essential oil routine. These daily practices will keep nourishing your skin and will continue to protected from normal environmental harm.   

We love your health and want you to feel good.  That's why we at Eurospa do what we do. So let us know what we can do for you!

Get out there and enjoy the sun!  That's what it's there for!!  

Monday, August 25, 2014

Get Headache Relief From These Natural Holistic Remedies Now!

Get headache relief from these natural holistic remedies now!If you suffer from occasional or daily headaches then you'll be delighted to know that there are some great natural and easy ways to get relief without resorting to medication. (of course, severe chronic pain should be brought to the attention of your doctor)  

The remedies below will increase your life quality and ease tension on a holistic whole body level. 

Get headache relief from these natural holistic remedies now: 

    Get headache relief from these natural holistic remedies now!
  • Hydrate:  Try to Drink 2-3 liters a day. Your brain cells and blood need to be hydrated properly for everything to work smoothly.  Dehydration in the muscles cause tightening, which leads to headaches in the neck and forehead.
  • Sleep:  Aim to get 7-9 hours each night. Be sure that you have a relaxation routine before bed, without media, to help you get pure and restful sleep.
  • Massage:  Gently Massage your middle and index finger along the back of your neck and in small circles at the temples and between the eyebrows.
  • Relax:  We are an over scheduled society that tends to worry about the smallest details in life.  Make time to pause in your day and breathe deeply. 
  • Essential oils: These have proven over and over again to be extremely efficient in healing large and small ailments alike, not to mention relax the whole self. Below are my favorite oils for bodily healing and relaxation.

Eucalyptus Oil: 

Applying eucalyptus oil to your forehead can be incredibly soothing for stress headaches in the same manner as peppermint oil. (see below) Like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil can soothe, relax muscles and clear nasal passages.  It's great to inhale as well, because it has anti microbial properties that can help attack germs and viruses that may be causing the headache. Either put a few drops of eucalyptus oil into a bowl of steaming water and inhale deeply or take advantage of ourEucalyptus Oil Shower Spray, while enjoy a nice shower or bath!

Peppermint Oil: 

This is a good one to keep in the car!  Store a little bottle of peppermint oil in your glove box for those headaches on the go. Rubbing even a few drops on your temples has proven to relieve the pain of tension headaches. Peppermint oil creates a relaxing cooling sensation once in contact with the skin and helps ease the tension in your head and neck muscles. The scent also has the power to calm your nerves and clear your sinus passages, which can help greatly if your headache is caused by stress or sinus pressure.

Get headache relief from these natural holistic remedies now!Lavender Oil: 

Lavender's scent has an incredibly strong effect on the nervous system, including relieving problems such as sleep issues, anxiety and stress, which can all contribute to headaches. Some evidence suggests that lavender can even help relieve the pain of even the migraines! Simply place a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow, create a spray by diluting the oil in water and spray into the room around you, create a lavender sachet or brew a cup of lavender tea to take full advantage of this natural headache reliever. 

Take charge of your health with the power of natural medicine!  We love doing what we can to help which is why we began Eurospa in the first place.  Come visit us and see how we can make your world a healthier place!

Get Your Glow Back! Easy Tips to Youthful Skin, Slowing Aging and Feeling Great!

Get Your Glow Back! Easy Tips to Youthful Skin, Slowing Aging and Feeling Great!If you're like many others, you look in the mirror and wish you could get that radiant youthful glow back. If you've accepted that there's no turning back the hands of time, I'm here to tell you that the best can still be made of the situation. I'm not suggesting the nearest med spa. I'm suggesting you make a few small changes and additions to your day and week.  With these simple tips for youthful skin, you'll slow aging, feel great and get a whole lot of your glow back!  

You ready? 

Water is your friend.  Coffee, tea and sodas are NOT your friend. They have their place and don't need to be tossed out, but the truth is, they are highly dehydrating. Our bodies are 80% water and need proper hydration to function at their best. If you really feel you can't live without these things, please by all means, counter them with and increased water intake. Not sure how much to drink?  Simply determine how much you weigh in pounds - let's say 140.  Now divide that in half and convert to ounces - 70.  If you weigh 140 pounds, you should consume 70 ounces of water daily.  Go for 90 ounces at least if you need to include coffee, tea or soda.   Now, I know this may seem like a lot.  But please don't be discouraged.  Feel free to add a couple lemon or orange slices to the water and make it taste good.  Your blood needs water to flow well.  Your skin is the organ that tells you when the inside of your body has a need.  Love yourself and your family enough to take care of yourself, even if only with baby steps.

This one is pretty self explanatory.  As long as you know that I'm not talking about green food coloring, then you will know what to do.   Green fruits and vegetables are packed with Chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals that both bring elasticity and suppleness to the skin.  Bonus point?  Great for you metabolism as well!  Eat plenty of what you already love and begin to experiment and explore the delicious ways to enjoy the new foods!

Get Your Glow Back! Easy Tips to Youthful Skin, Slowing Aging and Feeling Great!Do it.  Sleep. Try not to eat 3 hours before going to bed.  Turn off all TVs, computers and phones at least an hour before you sleep.  Take some deep relaxing breathes and be thankful for the beauty in your life and day. Make sure your sleep environment is peaceful and calm.  Then dive in.  Sleep, is the time when our cells rejuvenate.  Things like mind activity and digestion steal our cell's focus and keep them from using our sleep ours from the priority of their renewal.  Do your body a favor and sleep in peace.  You will not only get more youthful skin, but will wake refreshed and more motivated to continue caring for your health. 

We all have stress.  It's the common thread in our modern society.  We are over committed, over worked and have a hard time saying 'no'.  It's ok to take time for yourself.  It's ok to make a cut-off point for your work day. When stressed, the body releases the hormone cortisol into our systems, causing tense muscles, emotional highs and lows, lowered immune system and well - wrinkles!  Now, this could be a whole topic in itself an maybe that's soon to come.  But for now, consider what stresses you and ways you can relieve those situations and responses. 

Our body detoxifies itself best through release.  One way we 'release' is through sweat.  My two favorite ways to sweat is through exercise and heat.  Exercise is anything that gets your heart rate elevated for more than 20 consecutive minutes.  You can decide what exercise is best for you but then stick to it.  (Again, it seems this should be expanded in another blog.  What do you think? Let me know!)  On to the topic of heat.  Shower, sauna, steam room... you decide.  Of course, the luxury of a sauna and steam room are ideal but if you have only a shower as an option, you will get the most out of it by adding a few sprays of our Eucalyptus Shower Mist to really open up the respiratory passages, increase circulation and further detoxify the skin. 

Your health and life quality is our priority.  It's why we do what we do.

So instead of being frustrated at age taking it's toll, step in to action and implement the 5 tips into your life schedule.  You will be so happy you did.

To know more about what we can do for your home or even health spa, visit us at Eurospa Aromatics and we'll be happy to get you started!

Until then, more water!  Have a beautiful day!

by: Navae Fiona

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Have More Beautiful Skin and Better Health Naturally With This One Powerful Remedy!

Have More Beautiful Skin and Better Health Naturally With This One Powerful Remedy!There's a lot of hype out there promising you great skin and supreme health. And since you want to enjoy supple, youthful skin and vibrant health, its understandable that you'd be on the lookout for such a miracle! One popular remedy is steaming with Eucalyptus oil. If you have heard anything at all (or not) I want to shed some light on the issue.
While Eucalyptus oil won't make you look 25 years younger or heal you overnight, it's benefits are strong and will make a powerful difference.  Believe it or not, this potent essential oil is beneficial in many ways, with health and beauty as two of them. Eucalyptus increases circulation, opens up both the bronchial and nasal passages while also opening up the pores in the skin.  This causes stored toxins to be broken down and expelled, leaving you breathing more deeply and your skin to glow. 
Eucalyptus steam inhalation is recommended by some alternative practitioners for relieving nasal congestion and sinus congestion, usually from colds and flu. It can be done two to four times a day to relieve symptoms. If you're not able to do this, a steamy shower, vaporizer, or facial sauna is an alternative.
Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil which can be found in many health food stores and online. It should not be confused with camphor oil. Eucalyptus oil should not be ingested, applied directly to the skin, or used in excess of suggested amounts.

Instructions For Stove Top Steaming

Fill the kettle and bring the water to a boil.
Place the bowl on a stable surface, such as a table.
Turn the kettle off and carefully pour approximately four to six cups of water into the bowl.
Add two to three drops of eucalyptus oil to the water.
With your head at approximately arm's length away, cover your head with the towel. Don't bring your face too close to the water.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Continue for 10 minutes.
If you start to feel overheated or uncomfortable, remove the sheet.

Shower Steam Option

While the stove top is a great option, busy people may want to be more efficient with their time, and opt to steam in the shower or bath tub. For this, we provide an affordable Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray that you can spray into the steam.  We suggest you close up all bathroom doors, windows and curtains to achieve the full affect. 

Safety Precautions

Do not add more than the suggested amount of eucalyptus oil.
Keep children away while doing a eucalyptus steam inhalation.
Certain people should avoid eucalyptus steam inhalation, such as those with heart conditions, central nervous system disorders, and pregnant women. Infants, children, and elderly people may not be able to respond appropriately to the heat.      [source]
At Eurospa, our passion is to provide you with the highest quality products possible to allow you the chance at great health and divine relaxation.  Please contact us today for more information and to make your first (or repeat) order!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fast and Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

If you are working out, you probably want to look and feel good.  In order to get the most out of your workout, it's important to act in ways that help your muscles to recover
Fast and Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Workout
quickly and healthily. We need to be careful not to neglect the most important aspects of our routines as a result of our busy lives. Yes, let's find ways to be fast and efficient, but it's also smart to have a few tips on hand to make recovery both faster and smoother!  So - keep up your (healthy) routine and enjoy some of these all natural, post workout recovery tips!


Gentle stretching before AND after a workout is a key component not to be dismissed. Trust me, I've been there and sometimes you just don't want to 'waste your time' stretching.  I want to emphasize the gentle part for a minute as well.  Especially before a workout, your muscles are not warmed up. This will cause them to be more tight and stiff - like a dry rubber band.  Over stretching or stretching to forcefully will actually weaken the muscle, making injury more likely. Once your workout is complete - consider stretching in a sauna (still gently) and really make use of the extra heat.  More about saunas below...  


Water is so easily lost during exercise and you've to to replace it during and after the workout to not only hydrate those cells, but also to speed up recovery time! Water aids your metabolic function and supports the transfer of nutrients in the body.  So staying properly hydrated will improve each and every body function.  This is even more vital for endurance athletes who sweat more during periods of strenuous and peak activity. 


Music is a great tool that can help us through a tough workout, at least by distracting us from the burning feeling in your legs.  But on a more serious note, listening relaxing tunes can surprisingly aid in your workout recovery.  So my recommendation is to listen to the faster heavier beats during the workout and switch it up to the slower tempo songs while you stretch and cool down, as the slower music can reduce blood pressure and pulse rate, which is especially useful after an intense workout!


Are you feeding your body with the right fuel?  Machines require fuel and so do our bodies.  You've got to make sure you eat within 60 minutes of a hard workout.  Your energy stores have just been depleted pretty badly, so you've to restore them if you want your body to recover, repair, gain strength and be prepared for the next challenge! So great go-to and simple snack ideas that will speed your recovery along are protein shakes, bananas, nut butters, hummus and red peppers, yogurt with berries, fish and all green plants.  Let's not forget the obvious- green plants are the foods to eat pre and post anything, really!


Take alternating hot and cold to an even better level.  The traditional advice of alternating applied ice and heat have great purpose but are better for targeting specific areas.  Instead, try taking a really hot shower and then switching to the coldest setting for about 30 seconds (or whatever you can handle) and then switching back to hot again.  You could even include the sauna with this one. Sit/stretch in the sauna for 5-10 minutes, go out and take a cold shower (or ice bath if that's available) and then return to the sauna.  Repeat this process 2-3 times for best results. 


Sauna is the word on the street these days for health and fitness advocates all over the world.  For good reason too.  The health benefits that saunas deliver cause me to wonder why homes all over the world don't invest in installing one in their own homes. If you're already going to be stretching in all that heat, enhance that experience further and add Eucalyptus Oil Spray to the heat and even steam. Simply spritz the spray into the steam or heat.  The oil in the air will then be activated by the heat, enter your lungs and be carried off to nurture those needy parts and well-worked muscles!

Congratulations.  You are working out more regularly and committing to bettering your health.  You will soon be looking and feeling better and that's something to be proud of. Please take care of yourself with proper diet, rest and recovery as you life your life to it's absolute fullest!  

From all of us at Eurospa, we toast to your health!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Skip the Card and Flowers! Here's a Birthday Gift Idea Mom Is Sure to Love!

What gift is worthy of a mother?  She works hard, loves through and throughout, looses sleep for many reasons during each stage of the child's life.  How do you thank her?  How do you let her know she's worthy of honor on her special day, without falling into predictable, over used gift giving patterns?  She should be celebrated and doted upon.  And if your are stumped on the perfect gift to tell her happy birthday with, then we've got you covered.  

Skip the Card and Flowers! Here's a Birthday Gift Idea Mom Is Sure to Love!First of all, keep in mind the areas in her life and schedule where she could use the most relief. Moms tend to feel overworked, (underpaid) and forgotten.  Yes, they feel loved, but it's so comforting to a mother when someone recognizes all the hard work the manage day and night, and then do something to give her rest.

So here's what I want you to do.  She deserves a day of pure relaxation. Let her sleep in.  Give her time to go workout or lay by the pool.  Rub her feet.   Give her her own personal spa day.  Compliment the relaxation further with her own personally sized Eucalyptus Shower Spray.   This may seem over simplified, but once you know the benefits (and how much women love multi-beneficial gifts) I promise, you will see what a treasure it is and how wonderful of a gift it is to give. 

  • Applying eucalyptus oil to your forehead can be incredibly soothing for stress headaches in the same manner as peppermint oil. (see below) Like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil can soothe, relax muscles and clear nasal passages.  It's great to inhale as well, because it has anti microbial properties that can help attack germs and viruses that may be causing the headache. Either put a few drops of eucalyptus oil into a bowl of steaming water and inhale deeply or take advantage of our Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray, while enjoy a nice shower or bath!
  • If she enjoys working out, she'll likely want to avoid sore muscles after the work out.  For topical help, spray onto muscles followed by another oil base, like almond or jojoba and you'll quickly have a muscle recovery rub!  The oil penetrates deep into the tissue (more so in the heat of the sauna) for an anti-inflammatory effect.  When using the spray, simply spritz into the shower steam or the sauna/steam room.  The oil in the air will then enter your lungs and be carried off to nurture the needier parts of your well-worked muscles.  
  • Most women love to look their best.  One simple way is to steam and cleanse the skin.  Go traditional and simply add our eucalyptus shower spray to one pint of steaming water in a large bowl or pot. Lean over the container, covering your head with a towel and allow your face to take in the steam for 5-10 minutes. (Alternatively, while your in the bath, add it to the bath water) This supports the skin's natural self cleansing functions, opening pores and reducing buildup and eruptions.

She deserves to be thanked, kissed, cooked for, encouraged and made a big deal of.  Because that's what she does all the time for those around her.  Give back on her birthday.  Be a gift.  Make her smile. 

On behalf of Eurospa, tell mom "happy birthday" for us all!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Kids Heading off to College!

Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Kids Heading off to College!Your child is heading to college.  You are excited but it also hurts.  Let's make it a joyful experience for all by getting a great gift.  The preparing and giving of it will give you a sense of joy even though it still may be bittersweet and the receiving of it on your child's end will help them to feel empowered in this next chapter of their journey!

If your kids are finally heading off to college, here are the perfect gift ideas for you to share with them!

1. Money Cards.  Yeah, I know this FEELS impersonal, but believe me.  This generation is beyond that and totally excited to have a monetary plastic gift, usable in person or online for exactly what they need.

2. Movie Tickets.  Even those incredibly talented, artistic and conscious young adults need some down time with their friends... and if you don't get them money, they may be too broke to enjoy some needed entertainment. Come on, help them out.

3. Assorted Teas.  You'll want to include some for health and detox, relaxation, and awakening.  They will soon be studying long hours and will need green tea, black tea or yerba mate to stay alert, chamomile or kava to relax their nerves and white or oolong to boost their immune system.  One additional cute thing to do, would be to divide the teas into sections and insert a little note card in each section with an encouraging explanation about the tea's use in soothing their brilliant minds!

4. Yoga Class Card.  Again, male or female, you can expect them to be spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen or with their noses in a book.  Think of how soothing it would be to them to have a dependable yoga class to attend once or twice a week and unwind their tired and stiff learning muscles?  Good for the body, good for the health.. A great gift idea.

5. Multi-Purpose Spray.   What's better than an all-in-one spray that really works to better your health, relax you, invigorate you and clear the home of germs and viruses??  This Eucalyptus Oil Spray can be sprayed into the steam of the shower to  awaken the senses and open the bronchial passages while also usable to spray into a room and on to surfaces to kill the plentiful harmful germs.  That's a good choice especially for a teen new to having to keep so much clean, all on their own!

This is an exciting time in your gown child's life and the gift should allow them to feel free and ready to fly.  We are happy to enhance the life and health of people in all generations. Stop by Eurospa to see what else we can do for you today!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Menthol: The Secret Ingredient to Younger Glowing Skin!

Like anyone else, you want to have younger looking, glowing skin.  Why shouldn't you? You deserve to look and feel your best at all times.  Menthol is a strong and natural herb that has healing qualities on both the inside and out. 

Menthol:  The Secret Ingredient to Younger Glowing SkinFor the overall health of your skin, anything you can do to treat it gently is a very good thing. Treating skin gently encourages normal collagen production, maintains a smooth and radiant surface, and helps skin protect itself from environmental stressors.

For today, though, I want to tell you a simple trick to help you get younger looking, glowing skin.

Face Steaming.  It's a very simple process and one you can easily do a few times a week.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Bring a pot with 4 cups of water to a boil before reducing to a simmer.
  • Steep 2 chamomile tea bags for 5-7 minutes before removing from heat.
  • Remove tea bags and transfer water to a medium bowl. Add a very small pinch of Menthol Crystals. (they are very strong; less is more!)
  • Hold your clean face 10-12 inches from the bowl with a towel draped over the back of your head to hold in the steam.
  • After 15 minutes, cleanse your skin and follow with skin-appropriate toner, serum or mask.
  • With your pores opened, your favorite facial products will penetrate more deeply and work more profoundly. 

  • You'll notice your skin is cleaner and tingling from the increased circulation.  We would love to hear from you at Europspa!