Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray Mist - Perfect for Gift or for Pampering Yourself

Eucalyptus Oil - 100% Pure Shower Mist Spray
Shower Mist Eucalyptus Oil 8 oz

You may purchase the 8 oz version of our Shower Mist, 100% Pure Eucalptus Oil Spray unit on for $29.95

Or buy the twin pack. Give one as a gift and keep one for you, plus save $5. Two 8 oz bottles for just $54.90

Now we have added a 2 oz bottle of oil that comes with a dropper top and a spray top. Find on Amazon for just $8.95

Buy this as a very special and unique gift or gift it to yourself.  You can enjoy the same fantastic aromatic results as available in the finest Spas in the world.  In fact, our Suprema grade 100% pure eucalyptus oil is used in many of the finest spas throughout the US.

Just turn on your shower full hot.  Allow the shower area to fill with steam.  Now spray four or five shots of the eucalyptus oil just above the shower head.  The room will instantly explode with the soothing aroma of eucalyptus.  Now adjust your shower to your preference and step in.  You may want to refresh, by spraying more Shower Mist into the steam from time-to-time.

Warning:  Please note that you should not get into the shower while it is on full hot.  You know this, but our lawyers insisted we include this warning.

Used as directed, the 8 oz bottle will last for months (depending on how many in the house are enjoying the benefits and how many showers you take.  You may find your water and hot water bill increasing due to many extra showers.)

It is possible to get a slightly diminished, but still incredible aromatic treat by spraying above the steam generated in your sink.

A Fantastic Gift Idea that will please the recipient all year long. 
Buy an 8 oz spray mist now at Amazon

If you are interested in buying larger amounts for a home steam bath unit or for a commercial application, please visit our website at or call us to place your order at 800-395-6478.

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