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Amazing Complexion, Steam Facial Sauna, Eucalyptus, and Kate Moss

Test Question:  What Is Luxurious, Feels Fantastic, Helps Your Complexion, Calms Your Emotions, and Provides Health Benefits for Olfactory and Respiratory Systems?

English: British supermodel Kate Moss Portuguê...
English: British supermodel Kate Moss Português: Supermodel inglesa Kate Moss (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Humans are funny creatures.  We are always in a mad search for the new method, the new cure, the new and better approach.  Many of us spend thousands of dollars on products that promise us relief from the things that annoy us, and more thousands on methods to improve the things we find less than perfect about ourselves.

Sometimes the best products and approaches are inexpensive and obvious.  Sometimes they are centuries old.  Ask yourself, would people keep doing something for centuries if it didn't work?

Steam is pretty cheap.  It has been used for centuries to open pores, reduce stress, moisten the nose and throat, and just plain feel good.  Steam baths were used in Russia, Turkey, Mexico, and Northern Europe hundreds of years ago through today.  The most luxurious spas in the world offer steam baths as the ultimate in pampered living.  Your neighbors up on the hill have a steam bath in their master suite.  Inexpensive steam is irnonically evidence of wealth and health.

You can give yourself a facial steam bath with a sink and a towel covering your head to keep the steam enclosed.  You can get a bit fancier and spend anywhere from $20 to $200 on a home facial sauna depending on the features.  Or you can spend $700 to $1500 to outfit your current shower or bathtub with a steam unit.  For as little as $1500, you can install a complete, enclosed steam unit in your home.

Now, if you are Kate Moss, you are going to add another ancient product to the steam.  Eucalyptus Oil will multiply the results of your steam facial many times over.  According to, Kate Moss uses a eucalyptus laced steam bath the next morning after any occasion where she was unable to get a proper cleansing the night before, or when she need a deep cleansing.

Kate would be tapping into ancient wisdom regarding the use of eucalyptus oil as a cleansing agent.  But Eucalyptus Oil also provides additional health benefits to the respiratory and olfactory systems.  And, of course, eucalyptus has been used for centuries in steam rooms and saunas.  Today, the most luxurious spas in the world use this essential oil to improve the experience and wellness of their guests. 

Now you can live large like Kate Moss or other jet setters.  100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil, then kind that is used in the very best steam rooms, is now available for home use.  You can now enjoy to luxury of eucalyptus oil in a regular shower.  Buy our 8 ounce spray bottle of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil  at for you home shower or steam room.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stop Cold Sores Before They Get Started with this Essential Oil

Doesn't Hurt to Try Eucalyptus Oil on Your Cold Sores, and Apparently Many Find Eucalyptus to be Effective at Stopping Cold Sores from Forming.  

If you do a Google Search for Eucalyptus Oil Cold Sore, you will get pages and pages of results.  If you check those results, you will see that tea tree oil, peppermint, and other essential oil are often recommended as a way to keep cold sores from getting nasty. 

If you add this to the dozens of other known uses for eucalyptus oil, it just makes good sense to keep a bottle of pure eucalyptus oil on hand. 

Eurospa Aromatics is a leading producer of eucalyptus oil used in steam rooms across the USA.  They choose our oil because it is 100% pure oil and of pharmaceutical grade.  We now offer the same identical oil for home use.  We have a 16 oz bottle that is great for those who have a steam room at home.  You can pour a bit into the receptacle that most steam generators for home use provide specifically for eucalyptus or other essential oils. 

We offer an 8 oz spray bottle that can be used as a shower mist.  Turn your shower on full blast with hot water only, allow a little steam to develop, then spray the eucalyptus oil directly into the spray.  The room will be flooded with that much loved woodsy aroma, and the curative powers of eucalyptus will go right to work on your respiratory system to help whatever ails you or prevent microbes from even getting a start.  Of course either size bottle can be used for any of the other purposes that eucalyptus has been found to be effective, from muscle release to stress reduction.

Our spray mist bottle of Suprema Grade Pure Eucalyptus Oil Makes A Unique Gift.

Please call us directly at 1-800-395-6478     We are developing a shopping cart, but currently only take phone orders.  8 oz bottle is 29.95   
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Eucalyptus Successfully Used in Fight to Control Malaria

Eucalyptus Hugely Successful Against Malaria for Two

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation intends to finish off dreaded Malaria in the next 20 years.  One wonders if the Eucalyptus Tree will be a continuing part of the effort.

The following article has been taken from what must be the most exhaustive website on the subject of eucalyptus.  The story of Eucalyptus and its use to reduce, or in some cases eradicate, malaria reads like a mystery thriller.  I have slightly rearranged the paragraphs to increase the intrigue. 

One of the most enthralling chapters in the history of eucalyptus is its relationship to the eradication of malaria. Throughout the nineteenth century, it was believed that the eucalyptus fought malaria simply by disinfecting the ground and air. By the end of the century, the cause of malaria was found, and the eucalyptus' true relationship to the disease became known.
As in any mystery there are theories. Early on there were many theories of how the eucalyptus miraculously stopped malaria. Also there were glowing accounts of real life experiences of the successes made in the fight against malaria by the eucalyptus.
Very few people know that California had malarial problems. Malaria could be found in the Sacramento Valley and Kern County last century. In the Third Biennial Report (1874-75) of the California State Board of Health, the secretary of the board, Dr. Thomas M. Logan, was the author of a section entitled "Malarial Fevers and Consumption in California." Much of the report was about the eucalyptus and its ability to suppress the spread of malaria. He reprinted a contemporary article taken from the Kern County Courier reporting on one farmer's experience with malaria and eucalyptus:

     In regard to the anti-malaria influence of the eucalyptus, we have this conclusive  evidence. We have given it what we regard as a reasonably fair test on our own farm.  This is cultivated by two families, or companies, of Chinese. One company lives near the north and the other the south end of the premises, about three-fourths of a  mile apart.
    The localities both parties inhabit are favorable to the development of malaria. The soil  is rich, moist, and teeming with vegetable life, and the free sweep of the prevailing  wind is obstructed by the intervention of dense thickets. As might be expected, they
 have, every year, during the heated term, suffered with malarial fever. Last winter  we determined to test the much vaunted virtues of the eucalyptus.
    In February we gave to the party at the north end two ounces of the seed with the  directions that it should be planted near the house. It germinated finely, and produced  several thousands of young plants, but the frost killed most of them. About twelve
 hundred, however, survived. These, when the heated term commenced, had attained an  average height of two feet, and emitted a strong aromatic or camphorous odor,  perceptible at a distance of a hundred yards.
    In due time the party at the south end were visited by their usual mildly distressing  fever, but up to the present time we have looked in vain for the first symptoms to  develop in the other. They are all, to their own astonishment, in the most robust  health. These trees now average more than three feet in height, and the atmosphere of the house is strongly impregnated with their odor . . . and propose, the coming  season, to plant it on all the waste places and corners on our farm we can spare from  the other purposes. If everybody would do likewise, the great valley of Kern County
 might soon take rank among the sanitariums of the State . . . " 314 Concluding, Dr. Logan wrote, "These evidences go far to establish the fact that the eucalyptus globulus has a good effect in preventing the spread of malarial diseases . . . "315
In the California State Board Health's Tenth Biennial Report (1886-88) appeared an article with the title "Irrigation and Forestry Considered in Connection with Malarial Diseases." Use of eucalyptus and other plants were being used to stem the spread of malaria as seen in this excerpt:
     It is a well established fact that in malarial districts the planting of shrubs and trees  has had the effect to greatly modify, if not entirely remove, the malarious influence . . . But wonderful far efficacious than all, owing to the rapidity of its growth, its  wonderful powers as an absorbent, and the balsamic exhalation of its essential oil, it is Australian blue gum tree (Eucalyptus globulus).316
Dr. W.P. Gibbons of the Medical Society of the State of California wrote, "It has not been proved, though asserted until belief is established, that the  aroma of the eucalyptus is effective in preventing the incubation of intermittents."317 The scientific and medical fields knew that the eucalyptus arrested malaria but didn't really know why. The assumption by some was it was disinfected the air.
There were numerous reports worldwide of the success the eucalyptus was having in treating malaria. In 1874, the periodical California Horticulturalist contained such reports. For example in Cape Colony in southern Africa came this testimony: "In the spring of 1867, I planted upon this farm 13,000 plants of the Eucalyptus globulus. In July of that year, the season in which the fevers appear, the farmers were completely free from them . . . "318
Another example is this report from Constantine (Turkey) where eucalyptus had been planted: "The atmosphere is constantly charged with aromatic vapors, the farmers are no longer troubled with disease, and their children are bright with health and vigor."319
M. Gimbert in 1874 made these comments before the French Academy of Sciences concerning the eucalyptus:
    A tree springing up with incredible rapidity, capable of absorbing from the soil  ten times its weight of water in twenty-four hours, and giving to the atmosphere  antiseptic camphorated emanations, should play a very important part in  improving the health of the malarious districts . . . it has the property of absorbing  directly from marshes, thus preventing fermentations which are produced, and  paralyzing the animal miasma proceeding from them which might arise from them."320
During this period of time, throughout the world, the eucalyptus was labeled "fever tree"
Australia known as "almost fever free."
because it generally stopped the spread of deadly fevers. In Valencia, Spain, eucalyptus trees had to be protected by guards to prevent leaves from being stripped off by its citizens.321 And what did the Australians think about their treasured native tree and malaria?
In 1876, J. Bosisto read a paper before the Royal Society of Victoria (Australia) entitled, "Is the Eucalyptus a Fever-Destroying Tree?" He opened with this statement:
     Its (eucalyptus) power to absorb considerable moisture, and to permeate the air with  its peculiar odour, led to the belief that this tree . . . exerts a beneficial influence upon  malarious districts . . . is the eucalyptus a fever-destroying tree? Or, in other words  does it tend to lessen malaria or to destroy miasmatic poison?322
Bosisto then tells of his investigations in Australia, commenting: "Australia on the whole may be said to be pretty free from virulent endemic or miasmatic fevers, and the latter may be said to exist only as the eucalyptus recedes."323
After analyzing eucalyptus oils and resins, Bosisto was not able to find anything in them that had the power to oxygenate and purify the air more so than other plants.324 He noted that eucalyptus oils permeating the air, did refresh one's breathing.325 Bosisto concludes his paper with some support of the eucalyptus' value in fighting malaria, but the question is still virtually unanswered. He wrote, "In conclusion, may we not say with some authority that the evidence set forth in this paper on our own vegetation is in favour of the eucalyptus being a fever-destroying tree?"326
The most famous case concerning eucalyptus treatment of malaria comes from the Tre Fontaine Monastery near Rome, Italy. Each year during the "fever season," the monks would come down with malaria. Swamps were near, and the monks worked the fields returning to the monastery at night. It was thought that the night air carried malaria. Eucalyptus trees were planted in the swamps reclaiming the land with their ability to drain the water through their root systems. With the water gone the mosquitoes had no habitat in which to breed and carry on activity. Malaria fever greatly lessened, but a Dr. Montechiare, who was a physician for years in that area, was not convinced that eucalyptus affected the disposition of malaria.327
Scientists and physicians knew that the eucalyptus did something to interfere with the process of malaria, but what it did and how it did it wasn't clear. Many simply disclaimed it until the cause of malaria was found.
In California, malaria reached its peak in the 1880's. Blue gums were planted with fervor because it was generally felt they purified the air and had some effect on malaria. This comes from the Pacific Rural Press:
     A paper read before the California Academy of Natural Sciences in 1879 reported that  the Southern Pacific Railroad had planted 1,000 eucalyptus trees between the train  stations and the marshes to ward off malaria in the interior valley.  The number of  malaria cases had dropped from twenty-five to eight.329
It was thought that malaria came from moist, rich soil escaping into the night air during the summer months. Night air is usually damp and chilly, and thought to carry a multitude of maladies of which one was malaria. The word "malaria" in Latin means "bad  air."  By virtue of its aroma, it would be only natural to suppose that the eucalyptus somehow purified the "mal aria" or bad air.
It was also thought that the oils dropping from the eucalyptus leaves and the gums secreted from the bark, disinfected the ground around the tree. These secretions had a purifying effect just like its aroma did to the surrounding air.
In his 1895 work, Eucalyptus, Abbott Kinney gave many examples of the success eucalyptus was having in arresting malarial fever. Some of have been noted above. Kinney thought that malaria entered the body through the ingestion of water, milk, or food. The malarial germ, he felt, was released into the air by turning over soil in warm, marshy land, and some way it got into what humans ate or drank. He cited Bakersfield cases where unboiled water from shallow wells (he felt) caused malaria. He called it the "Bakersfield Fever." After the water was boiled from these wells the malaria disappeared he reported.330 Kinney did experiments with meat, water, and eucalyptus leaves. He wanted to see if eucalyptus stopped the growth of bacteria. In results were inconclusive.331
The connection was beginning to be seen between disease and insects especially mosquitoes. Kinney used an eucalyptus smudge to kill mosquitoes, but it didn't work.332 The Pacific Rural Press reported in 1876, " . . . being very much in his sleep by mosquitoes, took it into his head to place a young plant of eucalyptus in his bedroom over night. From that moment the insects disappeared and he slept in comfort."333 There was a doctor who rubbed eucalyptus leaves on his horse to drive the insects away. Pillows were sprinkled with an eucalyptus powder to keep insects off them.334
The Tulare Register ran this testimony: "Our house was surrounded with blue gum trees. We always slept with our doors and windows open and were never seriously bothered while just a few rods away the stock would be covered and almost perish with the great numbers (mosquitoes) tormenting them."335
Finally the cause of malaria was known. In a 1900 issue of The Forester, published by the American Forestry Association, there was an article entitled, "The Eucalyptus in the Tropics: Its Rapid Growth and Value as a Sanitary Agent, Acting as a Preventative of Malaria." It told of the cause of malaria, and urged the planting of eucalyptus to dry up swampland thereby removing the mosquito's breeding habitat. The article went on to discuss the positive effect eucalyptus had on the air.336 This theme could be seen too in the 1897 yearbook of the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

The female anopheles mosquito carries the malaria parasite and implants it in a human's blood system. The mosquito's home and breeding ground is generally in a area of standing water such as swampland. Because the eucalyptus absorbs large amounts of water, it can drain swampland thereby destroying the habitat of the mosquito, and consequently stopping the spread of malaria.

With regard to the sanitary value of the tree, it has been strongly stated that its value  was owing to its rapid growth and the great absorbent power of its roots in drying up  wet and marsh lands, but it is no longer doubted that Eucalyptus globulus, along with  other species of Eucalyptus, evaporate with water a volatile oil and a volatile acid,  which permeate the atmosphere and contribute to its invigorating and healthy nature and character.337
The eucalyptus had found its place as a partner in the prevention of malaria, and it still held its usual stature as an agent in cleansing the air. The latter would last until modern medicine got more sophisticated and became disinterested in old-fashion ideas of treatment or "sanitation." 
 In 2013, Eucalyptus has become one of the most important plants on the face of the planet.  The many uses of this tree and its gum, leaves, and wood, has turned eucalyptus into a major cash crop in countries all over the world.

And even with all the science that has been done, it is still not clear today why and how eucalyptus is so effective in helping reduce symptoms of and even curing everything from cold sores to aching feet.  As with so many essential oil based "cures," the evidence of success is in the testimony of the users and the wide spread use based on those testimonies.

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50 Most Amazing Eco Spas in the World - Prevention Mag

The Spa at Mohonk Mountain House - Provided by

How About a Little Spa Hopping Vacation - Here's A Year's Worth

Prevention Magazine's online effort is best known for giving you the latest bits of information on wellness and health.  But they are also expert at putting together slide shows of the best of .. fill in the blank.  In this case they have provided 50 mouth-watering photos of spas from around the globe whose claim to fame is an eco awareness.

While it seems hard to imagine that most of their guests who might be arriving by private jet or yacht spend much time worrying about their carbon footprint, at least these spas are paying attention.  However, as you flip from slide to slide, one thing for certain, essential oils are part of the health benefits of all of these healthy spas.

Spray bottle of eucalyptus oil for your home shower
Check out the Healthiest Eco Spas in the World, and then you might want to check out the potential for you and your family to enjoy the health benefits of the leading essential oil right in your own home.  Eucalyptus has been known for centuries to be healing, especially when in combination with steam.

We are now providing an 8 ounce spray bottle of 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade, eucalyptus oil that will give you all the benefits that the jet set flies half way around the world to enjoy.  You can spray the oil directly into your shower and immediately smell the healing aroma saturate the air.  Perfect Gift.

BUY NOW on Amazon

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Oh My! The Spa Montage in Laguna Beach - Five Star Elegance

The Montage Is A Fodor "Choice" and the Spa Montage Gets 5 Stars Almost Everywhere

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.  However if you can afford it, every review seems to suggest you should give it a go.  Here is a charming review from Fodor's:

Laguna's connection to the Californian plein air artists is mined for inspiration at this head-turning, lavish hotel. The Montage Laguna Beach uses the local Craftsman style as a touchstone. Shingled buildings ease down a bluff to a sandy cove; inside, works by contemporary and early-20th-century California artists snare your attention. Guest rooms balance ease and refinement; all have ocean views and amenities such as CD/DVD players and extra-deep tubs. Of the restaurants, Studio is the fanciest, with more sweeping Pacific views and a refined contemporary menu. At the 20,000-square-foot oceanfront spa and fitness center, you can indulge in a sea-salt scrub, take a yoga class, or hit the lap pool.
 Check out the other reviews and you'll see consistent 4 and mostly 5 star grades from consumers and expert reviewers alike.   One reviewer on put it this way:

When staying at the Montage laguna Beach, I was treated to a 60 minute hot/cold stone massage. It was fabulous! The massage therapist actually used smooth, round, hot rocks coated in scented oil to massage my body!! After the massage was nearly over, she used cool/cold sm. round smooth stones around my face, eyes, forehead for a special final treat!! VERY relaxing. The indoor Spa pool is beautiful and relaxing. The sitting area quiet and luxurious. (teas, cucumber & lemon water, coffee all complementary of course) chilled cucumbers and chilled towels for your face and eyes, of course!! Best yet, when you book a treatment at the spa, you are entitled to use the spa indoor pool, steam room, sauna, and huge outdoor lap pool with ocean view (adults only) for the entire day with food & beverage service!!! Love this spa!! 

Pure Eucalyptus Oil in 8 oz spray mister from
As with most luxury spas, the Spa Montage understands that you want Eucalyptus Oil in the steam room.  You get 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil in the steam room from Eurospa Aromatics. 

Now you can get the exact same eucalyptus oil in a spray mister for use in your home shower.  Enjoy the one-of-a-kind fragrance and experience the calm effects of aromatherapy while you simultaneous receive all the health and wellness benefits from eucalyptus.  To learn more, go to our website at

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Indulge Yourself at Spa Avania in Scottsdale - Review


Spa Avania Offers Eucalyptus Oil in Their Lavish Steam Room

An enlightening spa experience, Spa Avania choreographs your visit to light, music and the body's internal clock.

Could it be true? Yet another spa in the already rich resort spa landscape of Scottsdale? Oh yeah baby. But this one is not just another spa. Sprawling amidst 2.7 acres of indoor Spa Avania is among the world's first to choreograph the entire sensual experience to the science of time and the body's internal daily clock. Aptly named for the Greek word for "tranquil," the $9 million oasis at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch opened its doors in 2005, wowing guests with both its luxe interior and thoughtful approach to the spa encounter.

Designed to provide a whole body, total immersion in tune with the body's changing daily rhythms and requirements, Spa Avania integrates seven essential elements — customized spa treatments, mineral water therapy, music styling, fitness, diet, rare teas and natural light — into the experience. For each guest, the spa concierge weaves these essential ingredients into an all-senses journey that answers to the body's needs throughout the day: invigorating, energizing treatments for the morning; balancing and rejuvenation for mid-day; and calming evening treatments that prepare the body for slumber and repair.
Guests to this 21,000-square-foot retreat are transported from the outside world into a space where art, light and contemporary design work in unison to provide subtle reminders of the spa-wide emphasis on balance and time. Arranged around a dramatic trellis-covered outdoor court — featuring mesquite wood-burning fireplaces, gorgeous pools, a lotus pond, a black granite waterfall and scenic glimpses of Camelback Mountain — are four oversized treatment rooms for couples and five elegant indoor and outdoor garden treatment suites with private entrances, pools, fountains and private relaxation lounges.
On the Spa Avania menu is expert massage therapy, heavenly facial treatments, Vichy water immersion treatments and hair and nail services. A self-contained men's suite allows the boys club to enjoy a mini bar and flat-screen digital television as spa therapists provide guest-centric experiences customized to the time of day. The spa also features a state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga studio, 16,290-gallon French Celtic mineral pool, personalized facility-wide music styling system and elaborate indoor and outdoor spaces for personal relaxation and reflection.
Services: facials, massage, body treatments, airbrush spray tanning, body wraps, hair conditioning and scalp treatments, hair updos and styling, manicures, pedicures, Vichy body scrub treatments
Products: Colorescience Cosmetics, Comfort Zone and Spa Avania Signature Collection of hair and body products
Amenities: complimentary teas, fitness center, French Celtic mineral pool, indoor and outdoor storm showers, lotus pond, meditation areas, mens suite, outdoor cold and hot plunge, spa cuisine, yoga studio, Boutique, couples suite, Lockers, Sauna, Steam and Whirlpool 
Steam Room at Spa Avania Uses Eurospa Suprema Eucalyptus Oil
A quick look at the consumer reviews shows that the spa is getting rave testimonials with an average of over 4.5 stars out of five. 

For more information about Spa Avania treatments or to make a reservation, please call us at 1 (480) 444-1234, extension 70, or visit

Daily 8:20am - 8:00pm
Fitness Facitlity - 24 hour access
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Amazing Home Steam Rooms and Saunas - Where Did I Get These Pictures??

None of These Stunning Steam Rooms Should Be Without Eucalyptus Oil 

Are you working on a great room addition, remodeling your master bath, or just love to look at pictures of fabulous rooms that you hope to afford one day.  I am going to give you the secret to unlimited drooling over thousands of decorating tips and ideas.  It is kind of like the YouTube of decorating.  More and more of these pictures show up every day.  When you go back a week later, you have newly added examples of tasteful rooms, furniture, accessories, floor and window treatments, kitchen cabinets and more. 

Of course, in this blog, we're interested in ways to bring wellness into your life through eucalyptus oil, and steam is one way to achieve that.  Steam baths and rooms, facial saunas, and such can give you the one-two punch of steam and eucalyptus oil that will help your skin, breathing, peace of mind and so much more. 

So, I grabbed a few screen shots of my favorite steam rooms for you to check out.  But if you want to look at a few hundred, or maybe that was thousand, more ideas for steam rooms or any other room, head over to  Here is the link for the steam rooms.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rave Reviews for Montanya Spa in Santa Ana and the Eucalyptus Steam Room

The Steam Room at the Montanya Spa Is Named the Eucalyptus Steam Room

We continue our series with a spa located in the city.  Anyone living or working near Santa Ana can quickly move into relax mode at this highly rated facility.  Of course, their Eucalyptus Steam Room uses only Suprema Brand 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade, Eucalyptus Oil.   We'll shut up now and let others tell about their experience.

Spafinder says:

"Montanya Spa aims to help guests achieve the perfect union of beauty, balance, and wellbeing. The 3,000-square-foot spa features nine treatment rooms, a steam room, showers, a locker room, meditation room, garden, and patio. Tranquil music plays in the Japanese-style spa, accented with tan and olive green hues. The garden is full of rosemary, gardenia, and orange blossom scents. After treatments, guests can relax in the meditation room, or out on the patio and garden area. Services offered include facials, massage, body treatments, hair removal, hand and foot treatments, and men's treatments.

The spa also accommodates spa group events and spa packages, and hosts special events such as ladies' spa days, engagement spa parties, bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday parties. Tea and biscotti are available for guests, as well as other goodies for special events or with certain spa packages."

The reviews for Montanya Spa are almost universally excellent 5 star as you can see from the screen shot.  I selected this one from because it was matter of fact and gave a straight from the shoulder report.

“Tranquil and serene spa in Orange County
5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 23, 2012
I booked a 55min Couple's massage for myself and my mom as a surprise Mother's Day gift. Came on Saturday before Mother's Day and it was an absolutely great experience.

We got to use steam room before the massage and relaxed in their little tea house in the garden (another small but important little gem that you don't find in many private day spas)

The receptionist served us tea with biscotti (their signature tea) that helped us enjoy the experience even more.

Their couple's room in on the second floor. Our massage therapists (Kathie & Evelin) were wonderful. I had Kathie, and she really worked on my trouble spots, which left me feeling so relaxed.

After our massages, we were shown to their meditation room where they served us water and neck warmers.

My mom couldn't stop talking about her experience and hopefully we can back on a more frequent basis.

I definitely will be back to try their facial services as next time around. 

The amazing healing powers of eucalyptus oil from the laboratories of Eurospa Aromatics will soon be available in Spas all over the US.  In the meantime you can get an 8 oz or 16 oz spray bottle to use in your home shower by calling 1-800-395-6478
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Monday, May 6, 2013

Allegria Spa at Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek On Everybody's Top Spa Lists

The Best Spas in America know that Eucalyptus Oil Is A Major Part of the Experience

Over the next few months, this blog is going to take a look at major spas all over the US and even the world.  We will check out what the reviewers are saying and the guests.  We'll bring you descriptions and pictures, plus links to help you further research these facilities.

Some will be major spa resort facilities like today's offering.  Others will be hotel spas, fitness center spas, and even local wellness facilities.  There will be two criteria required to make our list, however.  The spa must have a great steam room.  And that steam room must use Suprema 100% Pure, pharmaceutical grade, Eucalyptus Oil in their steam room.   Without the soothing and healing powers of Eucalyptus oil in the steam room, how could any spa lay claim to greatness at all.

You can now enjoy to luxury of eucalyptus oil in a regular shower, too.  Buy our 8 ounce spray bottle of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil for you home shower or steam room.

Spa Finder Describes Allegria Spa at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort as follows:

Beaver Creek is a popular spot with ski-vacationing families. Its slopes total 1,805 acres and include both beginner runs and double black diamonds. Park Hyatt Beaver Creek capitalizes on its close proximity to the slopes with skier- and snowboarder-friendly amenities such as a ski valet who stores and dries guests' equipment as they come off the lift. Guests seeking even more excitement can take a shuttle to Vail, just eight miles away, where additional world-class slopes and Rocky Mountain family adventure can be found.
Camp Hyatt treats children aged three to 12 to outdoor exploration and creative indoor projects during warmer months. Parents and kids can also enjoy a s'mores "happy hour" every evening around the fire pit. In the summertime, badminton, horseshoes, and volleyball games are among the many varieties of friendly competition available.
The hotel's picturesque setting hosts a wealth of exciting outdoor activities in all weather. Beaver Creek features warm-weather sporting facilities (including a tennis center and a golf club), stables for horseback riding, hiking/rock climbing, and easy access to fly fishing in the Colorado, Eagle, or Roaring Fork rivers. Complimentary fly-fishing clinics are held at the hotel every morning. Besides downhill and cross-country skiing, guests can take advantage of tobogganing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling on the mountains as well as ice skating at a rink adjacent to the property

Online reviews would support this description.  After visiting several online review sites, I found that the ratings ranged from 4 stars to perfect 5 stars.  Prevention Magazine calls it one of the top 50 eco spas in the USForbes Travel Guide has Alegria Spa as a Star Award Winner in 2011 and 2013.  Spawards lists the spa among top 100 for 2012.



  • Steam Room
  • Showers
  • Changing/Locker Rooms
  • Cold Plunge Pool
  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Aztecs Had Steam Rooms, and Their Decendents Still Use the Tamzcal

Very Little Changed Since the Aztecs Ruled, the Tamazcal Offered the Same Great Steam Room Benefits Then as Now 

Steam baths from the ancient Aztec culture were used to provide physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.  As can be seen from their art, they considered a trip to these tiny steam rooms to be a treat on many levels. 
Aztek Tamazcal or Steam Room
Aztecs Used Steam Room Called Tamzcal

Early photographs show that the tradition was still being practiced 100 or so years ago in primitive areas of Latin America.

Aztec inspired Tamazcal seen in late 19th or early 20th Century

Today, the tradition continues with bamboo, stone or tile structures providing the steam room, and hot rocks brought from furnaces or bonfires to provide the steam

Tamazcal or Steam Room Design
Tamazcal (Steam Room) in modern Aztec village

Whatever the time, the culture, or the method, the result is the same.  Relaxation, tension relief, spiritual uplift, muscle recovery quickened, olfactory and respiratory system benefits, and more.  The Aztecs like the Northern Europeans, the Romans, and the Australians also recognized the added benefit of using Essential Oils from plants like the Eucalyptus to enhance the entire experience on every level. 

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Steam Room Eucalyptus Oil Automatic Injection System from Eurospa Reviews

Mystifier Automatic Injection System

What Are Eurospa Customers Saying About the Mystifier Automatic Eucalyptus Oil Injection System and the Company Behind the Mystifier and the Pure Oil that Runs Through It?

“Your Suprema Eucalyptus Oil Blend is so much stronger than what we’ve been using that we have needed to drastically reduce the feed into the steam line.  Thank you for making the use of our oil more economical!”  L.R. Newport Beach CA

“We ran low on our Eucamist Eucalyptus Oil Blend and needed a refill quickly.  The next day after we ordered, our oil arrived.  Thanks for great customer service and a quality product!”  N.M. Santa Monica CA

“The Mystifier Injection System we recently purchased is way more efficient than our old system.  So, we get more control and greater savings on the usage of the Suprema Eucalyptus Oil Blend.  And, the Mystifier even cost less!”  R.R. Marina Del Rey CA

“Thanks for your quick service!  The Mystifier Injection System works great and is very miserly with the oil; saves us $’s!”  A.K. Sutherland NSW Australia

These are just a few of the comments from our customers.  If you are using a Mystifier Automatic Injection System and our 100% pure pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil in the steam room of your gym, spa, hotel, or home, please let us know in the comment section what your experience has been.  

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