Monday, January 25, 2016

Give Your Sweetheart the Unique Gift of Eucalyptus Shower Mist on Valentines Day

Your Soul Mate Will Thank You Every Day for this Valentine's Present

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

I'll give you the gift of a calm spirit induced by aromatherapy
I'll provide you with a daily experience of steam born eucalyptus oil
When you are feeling stuffy, my gift will clear your lungs
When you are enduring muscle aches, the oil will soothe away the pain.

Ok.  The poetry isn't that great.  But the thought is what counts, right?  What I can say for pretty close to certain is that your Valentine will be pleasantly surprised if you gift them with an 8 oz bottle of Euraospa's Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist.  Then, every time they shower or just feel like breathing in the amazing aroma of eucalyptus, they will think of you again.

The scent of eucalyptus is variously described as woodsy-sweet, cooling, refreshing, energizing, fresh, pleasing, revitalizing.  Now that is poetry!

Using this amazing mist is easy.  You just spray it into steam.  I like to spray it above the shower when the hot water is all the way up, just before I moderate the temperature and step in.  You can also spray it above the shower stream during your shower.  It only takes a few shots.  I usually do 5 or 6.  Others like to do 10.  But even 10 sprays will only cost about 20 pennies.  You see there are about 1500 sprays in the bottle you buy.  

At 5 sprays per day, a bottle will last almost an entire year.   

You can either buy the single bottle by going here or buy a two pack (one for your valentine and one for you) by going here

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