Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Get Healthier, Stronger Hair, Much Faster with This Lesser Known Natural Remedy!

Get Healthier, Stronger Hair, Much Faster with This Lesser Known Natural Remedy!When it comes to hair, so many people are looking for ways to help it grow longer, stronger and faster! So many pills out on the market promise to give you unbelievable results. The problem is that most of their results are unbelievable. And those that believe it, do out of sheer determination to find something that delivers the results they are looking for. We've all been there at some point, if not with hair products, with some other quick fix. 

The truth is, quick fixes, even if they do provide a fast result, don't often provide a result that lasts. The best fixes are foundational, long term, sustainable fixes. 

At Eurospa, we believe in natural healing and health through the power of foods, lifestyle and the plants around us. Why? Because all three of these 'fixes' has shown themselves to be dependable resources for long term change. And if you're looking for long term help with the health and growth of your hair - we want to share with you our best tips that not only last, but are healthy, affordable and show visible results faster than you think!

Eucalyptus oil is going to be the theme in this post, as it's uses are many as well as it's benefits. Eucalyptus is a plant native to Asia but thrives in similar climates. It's got a high menthol count which increases circulation, breaks down mucous blocks, improves cell regeneration and furthers oxygen delivery throughout the body. 

But here's what Eucalyptus can do for your hair:

Eucalyptus oil can also help in getting rid of dandruff, which is not only unsightly but also clogs the pores, making it difficult for the hair to grow.  Remember, when aiding our hair in it's growth, we want to make sure we are getting the stimulation needed and the roadblocks out of the way! When using eucalyptus oil for dandruff, simply wet your hair to open the pores, then spray Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray onto the scalp about 8 inches from the head and gently massage your scalp for a few minutes. Allow the oil to sit for a few moments in order to be activated in the steam of the shower. Breathe in the steam as well, for the added boost to your immune system and respiratory health! This method is also beneficial in getting rid of head lice and their eggs, so parents are wise to keep this oil handy and keep the little one's heads safe against that invasion!

Another benefit of eucalyptus oil is that in can increase the elasticity of your hair.  So many of us know how frustrating it can be when you are trying to grow out your hair in to luxurious locks only to loose your progress to breakage and more split ends. When doing both of the above treatments, you will happily enjoy stronger hair - more resistant to further breakage and split ends.

All in all, it's an incredible oil from a miraculous plant that delivers multiple health benefits at once. We are proud to provide such a quality product to you and would love to hear of your results. Get your own bottle and share your experience with us, at Eurospa!

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