Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How To Ease Period Cramps Naturally and Quickly at Home

How To Ease Period Cramps Naturally and Quickly at HomeMenstrual pain and cramps are not a monster to play with. They come at the worst time and have a way about slowing your day and keeping you parked on the couch. But you have the right to find relief faster and without the extra drugs. Not all women are aware of how much power they have over their body’s health and wellness. We’re here to educate you, because you deserve it.

At Eurospa, we are dedicated to increasing your quality of life and health. We have compiled a small yet helpful list of natural home remedies to ease that pesky menstrual pain.

How To Ease Period Cramps Naturally and Quickly at Home

Limit Caffeine Consumption
Everybody is different and sometimes a warm cup of coffee does just the trick. But it’s important to know that too much caffeine is incredibly dehydrating to your body, causing circulation to slow and pain to rist. Caffeine constricts your blood levels and raises tension: so when you’re suffering from cramps, it’s wiser to do everything possible to stay hydrated. Drinking water and herbal tea instead will not only keep your flow hydrated, but will also help relieve bloating that may occur during your period. For a caffeine free energy boost, try these tips!

Run a hot shower. Let the steam add up.  While you're at it, spray some of Eurospa's Eucalyptus Shower Spray into the steam.  The cleansing nature of the oil will be heightened in the stream and permeate your bronchial passages, resulting in relaxation and a further detoxified system.   Make sure that while you allow the hot water to really fall on your lower back.  This will relax those aching muscles and give you the chance to, at the same time, massage your lower belly which actually makes the process of 'release' more efficient!  Who wouldn't want that? Feel free to soak in the tub when you’re ready!

Hot Water Bottles.  
No time or energy for the hot shower. That’s fine. Get a hot water bottle or heating pad. They may seem old-fashioned, but they really, truly help warm and relax the muscles in your lower abdomen. They are an affordable and worthy investment that will bring you relief month after month.  The heat relaxes the tension around your pain and helps the flow move more fluidly. If heat overwhelms you, use the oil combination mentioned below!

Massage the Area.
Once the area has been warmed, this is a great time for some gentle massage. Grab some cooling massage oil, if you can. You can make your own with a blend of peppermint, ginger, lavender and fractionated coconut oil.  Lavender will relax and calm you, the cinnamon aids in circulation (bringing comfort) and the peppermint with ginger is actually a very good topical anti-inflammatory.  I did this step recently and slept so much better that night.

You may not find your menstrual pain disappearing all together, but you will feel more alive and able to function more comfortably and happily, without the extra drugs!

At Eurospa, we enjoy bringing more quality to your life!  Stop by and see what we can do to better your health and daily living!

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