Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Need An Energy Boost? This Natural Solution Will Wake You Up FAST!

Need An Energy Boost? This Natural Solution Will Wake You Up FAST!We all know the drill so well. The alarm clock goes off, we roll over to turn it off and have no clue how we're going to wake up without 3 cups of coffee. What you need at that point is an energy boost like no other. Not a pill, not a drink - but a natural solution that will wake you up FAST. 

Eucalyptus oil is the miracle we are talking about. 

Most are familiar with the plant's ability to ease respiratory symptoms, soothe and open the airways, but not many are familiar with it's ability to wake up the senses and heighten energy and alertness. 

1. It's invigorating. The menthol properties of eucalyptus leave a cooling sensation on the skin of the body and in the lungs. Just a few deep breaths and every cell of the body is invigorated and woken up from the inside out!

2. It feels like a shot of caffeine. The menthol content works like a vasoconstrictor, causing the cells to vibrate at a faster level, bringing more circulation and oxygen to the brain, inviting better concentration and more natural focus. 

3. It creates relaxation and a sense of contentment. This is one of my favorite points. As the plant works it's way into the different parts of the body, each cell is not only invigorated but the body relaxes as though it's been to the spa. When your are awakened and relaxed at the same time, your mind feels an extra measure of peace and contentment. Not bad, right?

How to use it?

Our favorite way is to spray eucalyptus oil shower spray into the steam of your shower. The steam further activates the oil and your pores are open, able to better and more efficiently absorb the oil into your body and do it's work. 

At Eurospa, we pride ourselves with providing you the highest quality of eucalyptus oil, easing many more symptoms of the body than we can address today. At Eurospa, we've been delivering our incredible eucalyptus and menthol products to homes and spas for over 30 years. Please, get your own bottle today and let us know how you feel!

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